Inflation Highest in 4 Decades

'Transitory' Inflation Highest in 40 Years and Beyond!

Yesterday, CPI (Consumer Price Index) stats were released in the USA which shows that for the month of December, annual inflation hit 7.04%, increasing from 6.1% in November and the highest in 39 / 40 years. Yet, according to John Williams over at inflation is really closer to 15%, based on inflation calculations used when Ronald Reagan was President. Food and gasoline, two of the things we buy most of, is not included in present official inflation calculations. Add these two and inflation soars. Home ownership is through the roof too (pun intended).

An article that popped up on Zero Hedge yesterday stated that we haven't seen this kind of inflation since 'E.T. phoned home' almost 40 years ago. John Williams believes it goes much further back in time. Williams claims it hasn't been this high in 75 years, since 1947 to be exact, when Truman was President (see link in references section).

I remember when the movie E.T. came out. Suddenly, movie tickets cost 50 cents more. I was just 16 years old when it came out and Canada was just coming out of the worst recession since WWII, so finding an extra 50 cents for a movie ticket was a real chore. From then on and throughout my adult life, the cost of a movie ticket has soared and soared. So did the pop and popcorn.

Gasoline, as I recall, cost 19 cents a litre in 1979 when I was 13 years old. Canada had just converted from Imperial to the Metric system and that was causing a lot of confusion as to just how much we were paying for gas (Recall the Gimli Glider incident). One gallon equals 4.54609 litres. As of yesterday, gasoline in my hometown of Cambridge, Ontario was priced at $1.439 per litre. Converted to gallons, the cost now exceeds $6.50 per gallon and marks a 657% increase in 43 years for gasoline here in Canada. In other regions of Canada, gasoline costs much more. In the Province of Quebec, their gas is always at least 10 cents more per litre. In secluded areas like the far north, gasoline prices soar past $2 a litre.

Still think inflation is transitory. I recall my older brother  purchasing a home in 1983 for $36,000 in Niagara Falls. He sold that house in year 2000 for 3 times the price he paid for it. Today, I'm sure that house can fetch $360,000 which amounts to a 1,000% increase in 39 years. Have real wages gone up in tandem with food, gas and home costs? You know the answer.

Gerald Celente, author of The Trends Journal was interviewed by Greg Hunter of fame where he states that the country to look at regarding inflation is Turkey. Their currency, the Lira by December 2021, lost more than 43% of its value compared to the previous December. Celente has said many times, 'When the people have nothing left to lose, they lose it!'. So keep an eye on Turkey (link to interview below).

I warned in previous posts about the implementation of Basil III by the BIS (Bank for International Settlements). The previous implementations of Basil I and Basil II brought on severe recessions. As of January 1, 2022 Basil III rules go into full effect. Gold has a lot to do with Basil III and I recommend everyone educate themselves regarding this issue.

Inflation is here and we should brace ourselves for what's to come. The FED has already stated that interest rates are going up to 'cool the economy'. In my own opinion, the economy in the USA (and Canada) is barely sputtering along. The FED fully intends to crash what's left of the economy. Gerald Celente, in his interview with Greg Hunter, believes this will bring on the 'Mother of all depressions'. He says the best way to fight the FED is with gold, silver and Bitcoin!

To top it all off, we're off to a good start in the new year with a spike in initial jobless claims in the USA. When are things going to get better? Your guess is as good as mine. One thing for sure, we need to prepare for a possible inflationary wave the likes we've not seen before.

Then again, have I been living through it all along?

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