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Monetizing Your Articles To Generate Income

I've been on PublishOx about a year now. Throughout this time, I've been working hard to hone my skills and improve my articles not just by improving on quality content but also generating more hits by using cross-promotion and proper keywords to engage my viewers, such as yourself.

In my previous article, 'Put your PublishOx ambassador link to great use', I outlined how you can monetize your links and keywords throughout your articles by using your ambassador link and link extension to gain referrals and increase your tips but what about the articles themselves. Each article you publish has the potential to generate passive income.

How can this be achieved? I've already mentioned it above... referrals.

As an author, you already have a referral link with PublishOx that can potentially generate income for you but what about outside referrals? Did you know that when Ebay started out as a fledgling company, they offered 50 cents per referral. I distinctly remember people making thousands of dollars every month from Ebay's referral program until the company grew to such a size that it was able to end its referral program.

Ebay may have ended their referral program long ago but there are plenty of sites out there that are desperate for new subscribers and will pay a reward for each new referral you successfully send to them. You may have already heard of AdShare on PublishOx. It's a great idea but they require that you operate your own domain. That poses a setback for us authors on PublishOx who don't have our own websites.

Fortunately, there's a way around this as there are plenty of sites that actively encourage their subscribers to use their referral links to place anywhere you like, such as in articles in your blog. I'm subscribed to many sites that are of use to me and several have their own ambassador programs.

For instance, I'm a fan of Theta TV. I'm actively promoting Theta TV in my articles by placing a referral link at the bottom of my articles. If a viewer clicks this link and signs up at Theta TV, I earn a badge on my way to eventual monetization on the site. It takes 300 badges and 200 hours of views to achieve monetization so I won't be able to do this overnight but with patience, I should be able to reach my goal eventually. Right now, I have 5 badges. Sign up and get your own referral link to start promoting Theta TV in your articles. You can also earn TFuel just for watching TFuel enabled streams.

The most personally appealing referral I now have is my CryptoTab Browser referral link. Believe it or not, I just started mining Bitcoin with an old computer. I didn't have to buy a new computer or download expensive software. By downloading their browser and executing it, which took very little time to set up, I am now 'sharing' my unused bandwidth and in return, am rewarded with Bitcoin. Mind you, I ran my computer from about 4 pm yesterday until 7 am this morning (electricity is half price between 7pm and 7am) and earned about 1.1 cents in Bitcoin. It's fractional and shows how much power is used to generate even just a tiny amount of Bitcoin but with your CryptoTab Browser referral link, you have the potential to increase the amount of Bitcoin earned when your referrals start mining Bitcoin and they too bring in referrals and their referrals do the same, up to ten levels. The more referrals you and your referrals get, the more Bitcoin you'll earn. Now's your chance to get in on the Bitcoin action. You can even use your cell phone too!

While I like Bitcoin, I LOVE silver, the precious metal. I've been 'stacking' for about 10 years now. Silver has been suppressed and manipulated to such low prices that, adjusting to inflation, you can, right now, purchase silver at 1972 prices! It's been like this for as long as I've been buying silver. I've had an account with OwnX since 2013. I'm one of their first subscribers. As you buy more silver, you achieve levels in which you get better pricing on your purchases. It's sort of like a 'group' plan which allows OwnX to get silver at spot with a much lower markup than buying from a traditional retailer.

Each time someone signs up through one of my OwnX links and begins purchasing precious metals, whether it be gold, silver, platinum or palladium, I am rewarded with a tiny fraction of precious metals. To become an ambassador for OwnX, you must set up monthly purchases, linked directly to your bank account which these days, is very easy to do. I make a monthly recurring silver purchase totalling $50 USD. I'm not 'spending' my dollars. I'm just converting it what I believe is REAL MONEY! Placing an OwnX link in your articles has the potential to generate income for you in the form of precious metals. I can see the shine in your eyes...

Another referral link I use is from Videvo. I want to make my own videos to publish at Theta TV  to increase viewership but need quality Hi Def videos I can use. Videvo has thousands and thousands of video and sound clips to help with my video production. My video, 'Niagara!' is composed entirely of video and sound clips I pulled from Videvo. If someone clicks my Videvo link and subscribes to one of their plans, I earn one free month of usage. If just 12 referrals sign up, I gain a free one year subscription to Videvo. It really is a great site and I use it often. While I don't earn money from this referral link, it helps in preventing me from having to spend my money when renewing my one-year subscription plan.

You can even promote things you're selling on Ebay, Amazon, Etsy or on your own site by placing an advert in your article. I placed one at the bottom of my article to promote the sale of one ounce pure silver bars on Ebay. I have 100 to sell and I've sold 10 already to happy customers. You can also place an advert between paragraphs within your articles if you like as shown in so many articles throughout the internet. Use your articles to promote your auctions / sales. It's an excellent way to gain attention to your retail / home based business.

Another good link I have is the Swagbucks link (see below). Make purchases online through Swagbucks and earn points while doing so. I've actually cashed out $75 in Esso gas vouchers so far since November. Every time a referral earns Swagbucks, I earn bonus Swagbucks. Some of the biggest names in retail are linked to Swagbucks like Walmart, Staples, Rakuten Kobo, Amazon and of course, Esso in Canada.

Above are just some examples of outside referral links. I am always looking around for more high quality referrals I can  place in my articles. There are so many referral programs out there so you can pick and choose. Some payout more and some pay out less. Try and find relevant referrals that will maximize your profits.

Each of your articles has the potential to generate earnings, not just tips on PublishOx. Maximize their potential by monetizing your articles with valuable outside referral links. Learn more about monetizing links by checking out my article, 'Put your PublishOx ambassador link to great use'.


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