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Are We Facing Scarcity and Higher Prices In Canada?

Canada's vaccine mandate for truckers has just gone into effect. In the USA, it goes into effect on Saturday. In case, you aren't aware, there's a huge shortage of truckers in both Canada and the USA, over 65,000 in the USA and  23,000 or more in Canada. At least 20% of truckers are not vaccinated and at this point, never will be against what is basically the flu, with an experimental vaccine. We were already in a bit of trouble, logistically speaking and now, 20% are facing termination because of vaccine mandates.

Think about that. 20% of cross-border truckers are about to be put to pasture. It may go even further.  Truckers are fiercely loyal to each other and have been known to shut down entire highways and entire provinces in protest and the police could do nothing about it. The truckers left them powerless. One twitter user posted that, 'We have a friend who drives for a trucking company. They have 10 drivers who go in to Canada, he is one. Company told them - you all must be vaxx’d. Seven (7) refusing… company now has 3 drivers (for Canada)'.

Seven out of ten! What's happening right now could and probably will cause a serious disruption all along what used to be the longest undefended border in the world. I believe the cost of everything we buy is about to get more expensive as scarcity drives up prices. Globalism has driven our manufacturing base over to you know where. We import just about everything under the sun but that's about to suffer a huge blow.

At the port of Los Angeles, they have record container ships docked along the cost because they can't get in to unload and when they do, the docks end up with all these empty containers with no place to put them. If somebody thinks we can just switch containers at the border, it will be physically impossible because we have no massive parking lots for them, just like at the ports.

I know this for a fact as I grew up at Niagara Falls. I've seen the Rainbow and Whirlpool Bridges many times and can tell you it's a major point of entry. Two other points are the Queenston-Lewiston Bridge down river and the Peace Bridge in Fort Erie / Buffalo. These two bridges are the busiest for truckers as they both connect to major arteries. Yet, none of these bridges have the ability to accommodate thousands of containers every day.

At 30,000 or more payloads a day along our border, with a scenario of 20% of truckers dropping off payloads because they're not vaccinated, it comes to 6,000 payloads per day. The border points are not ready for this. This trucker and fellow Canadian by the handle Fed Up Canuck tweeted, 'Friday was my last trip and contribution to the economy also. Skippy, you woke a sleeping giant'.

This may turn into a logistics nightmare. The best thing to do is to remain calm and prepare. Get the things you need but please don't hoard. This might only last a few days if the government backs down. Then again, what if it lasts a few weeks or months? The point is to remain calm and prepare, just in case.

We need our truckers. They are the backbone of our economies. Without them, we don't get those oranges and avocados in wintertime or the latest IPhone or tablet. You can throw in the winter jackets too, our socks and jeans, tires and oil filters. Think about where your coffee beans come from. We'd be an angry hoard if we didn't get our morning coffee!

I stand with the truckers. They are not to blame for what it happening. If they shut down border trade and believe me, they have the power in numbers to achieve this, then so be it. I believe in the end, we will win this battle. For now, we may have to accept scarcity and higher prices for a little while on either side of our great border. 

Update: January 23, 2022 - The massive trucker convoy has begun and will converge in Ottawa later this week. This is polarizing Canadians like never before. Check out this video posted today on BitChute - Trucker Convoy Day 1. Thanks for supporting our truckers!

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