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Telos TLOS MarketCap Pumped To 40% In 48 Hours - This Is Just A Start

It is a basic rule in the cryptocurrency world and trading that the Market capitalization of a coin is directly proportional to its price.


We were all surprised and at the same time excited when this had happened despite of the bloody market the whole week (last week of May 2021). As we approach the new month, we are indeed celebrating such triumph!

A lot of speculators have abruptly become really intrigued and asked about the reason of this pump when it was just sitting in $0.11-$0.14 for such a long time. They have been posting on twitter about this. Why suddenly become interested? A question we were all asking as well. Though this is such a great news for Telos TLOS supporters / holders instead of feeling so detrimental about it we just feel grateful!

The marketcap was highlighted by everyone in the community because of the recent price pump that reached up to 200% with-in 24 hours.  


Its all time high reached $0.547 last May 27, 2021

So if you were able to buy during its 7-Day lowest price of $0.09 just within this week, then I certainly know how you feel right now.


We could check the LIVE price of Telos TLOS on CoinGecko:

Since KuCoin supports a Telos TLOS-BTC pairing, we will also include it here in the graph.

Here is a sample video that a Telos SEAL have shared telling us his take about this phenomenal surge.

Credits and special thanks to my friend Goldsmithmoney on YouTube. Please watch the video, thumbs up if you liked it and subscribe too.

Without further ado, here is an amazing post shared by the TelosNetwok in Leo-Finance and Hive just recently.

Telos (TLOS) Pairing To USDT & BTC Is Now LIVE on KuCoin



Here are the other major events happening to Telos as a blockchain!


The upcoming election and if you think you have what it takes to lead the Marketing wing of this amazing technology then connect with us.



Telos User Accounts have surpassed 800,000!



Telos will join the Major Cryptocurrency and Blockchain event that will happen in Miami, Florida USA this June 1 to 04.



The Telos EVM Latest Update:



And to make this easy to understand, here is the diagram for us to check:



Telos Network reveals the top brands they are supporting:



Telos was featured in CoinCheckUp!



Telos was again featured by CoinTelegraph last May 28 sharing about the 260% pump!


The Telos Foundation just hits 10,000 Followers on Twitter!


Telos have already given a lot of GiveAways and proud to share its 9th - Announcing the winners!



Through the joint efforts of the Telos SEALS - the community leaders marketing the beloved token (that includes me) this is how we make sure that Telos TLOS holders get some freebies out of being active promoting the platform.

Sharing the latest AMA with LocalScale:


Something big is coming very soon as another Top Tier exchanger is listing TLOS!

Can you guess? After KuCoin, what's next?



Let's sit tight for those who were able to secure their position buying Telos TLOS as we set to the moon first and not go beyond Mars as what others are claiming.


Aside from these, there are lots of AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) happening here, there and everywhere! Gosh it is so amazing to connect with awesome crypto-communities that are supportive and appreciative of what Telos can definitely bring to the world table.


We are not Solana, which is an Ethereum killer. We don't kill! We establish a great connection and build bridges, not walls! How could the leaders of that cryptocurrency be so hostile and want to metaphorically KILL ETH?

Thank you so much for reading!

Just wanted to thank everyone who will start to support Telos after reading this write-up about the knowing the reason of the price-pump despite of the all-red market these past few days!

I hope our inquisitive self is satisfied with these reasons.

Let's have a look at the marketcap again:


The Tip of the graph hits the $97 Million mark. It just went a bit down to $88M today. Hitting the first goal of $100M will be just within its reach.

Here are the super-awesome posts about Telos that were shared here in Publish0x:

Telos TLOS Is Now On KuCoin - Check What Happened To The Price

Global Tech Giants Already Noticed The Telos Network & PancakeSwap Listing Today!

Breaking News: Yahoo Finance Features Telos Focusing On DeFi & TSwaps Liquidity

Here are more fascinating things a person can experience being on Telos either as a trader, a market analyst, a crypto-enthusiast or just a simple Telos dApp user:

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The NEW Telos Website Integration

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March 2021 - Telos End Of Month Summary Of Major Activities.

A milestone involving the token of the most powerful blockchain in the world

Telos (TLOS) Hit $1.35 Million Liquidity On UNISWAP

I am Fycee, an APPICS dApp Senior Ambassador and one of the Telos Community Marketing Team. Not sharing a financial advice but let's always Do Your Own Research (DYOR)



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Telos - The World's Most Powerful Blockchain
Telos - The World's Most Powerful Blockchain

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