Telos TLOS Is Now On KuCoin - Check What Happened To The Price

At last world's most undervalued coin is now listed on its first-ever Tier-1 centralized exchange, KuCoin.

KuCoin is one of the Top 3 Cryptocurrency Exchange in the world. It is said to be that 1 out of 4 crypto holders are trading here.

Details of The Listing

  • Deposits now open (supported network: ERC-20 & BEP-20)
  • Trading starts on May 17th at 18:00 UTC+8
  • Withdrawal starts on May 18 at 18:00 UTC+8
  • Trading pairs include TLOS/USDT and TLOS/BTC
  • The ERC-20 and BEP-20 version of Telos will be supported first
  • Native token will also be supported in the near future

KuCoin's Announcement:

Telos (TLOS) Gets Listed on KuCoin!

Just before the listing happened, the price of all three tokens are in a stable $0.17. It all pumped to an enormous amounts even the time that 99% of the market is in deep red and dropping by the two-digits percentage before the decimal point.




It was also considered as one of the top 10 highest gainers for the day according to coinmarketcap and been promoted by one Telegram Group intended to share all these tabulations everyday.



Do you think the time has already come that a true gem has already been discovered?


There would be lots of amazing updates and activities being done by the marketing team which is highly supported by the community members.

After the listing to KuCoin, the Telos Foundation has announced another poll where is should be listed next!


If you want to join, here is the Twitter Poll Link:


Another exciting news that surprised the whole community is the announcement that the r/SatoshiStreetBets will be in the AMA later. I remembered that this is the Reddit Group that initially triggered the Doge HYPE that made it 600% in 48 hours. Then the following day, Elon changed his Twitter to the "inevitable" thing.

It is said to be the Crypto version of WallStreetBets.


Mark your calendars and join this Telegram Group:


If you are trying to use P.Tokens to make any deposits to KuCoin, please read this notification shared by one of the Telos Core Developers:


Please don’t use kucoin deposit address directly on pnetwork bridge. Apparently KuCoin uses some special system to avoid spam and as a result any minting of tokens directly to these addresses needs to be manually approved! So if you have already done that, reach out to KuCoin support with your transaction id. We are discussing with them to find some solution till we get mainnet integration.


I will no longer leave you here with too many words to read because we wanted to retain this viable information to everyone. Let us just remember that Telos as a blockchain is the most powerful in the world.  

The main features of the Telos ecosystem include:


  • Economic and geographic decentralization to ensure the security and safety of the chain. 
  • Equitable pay structure to incentivize node operators (validators). 
  • Developer-friendly tools and low-cost deployment. 
  • On-Chain Governance 
  • Community support, including the Telos Works proposal system and grant making for new projects, from the independent Telos Foundation. 
  • Proper economic decentralization to ensure the security and safety of the chain. 
  • Developer-friendly tools, developer grants, and low-cost deployment. 
  • dStor decentralized storage solution with an InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) in its stack.  
  • Core dev team of 30+ members and an auxiliary team of 100+ developers. 
  • Decide voting tools which compiles boilerplate voting functions into a single chain-wide service. 
  • A chain focus on DACs, DOAs, and dBusinesses. 
  • TBNOA – Telos Blockchain Network Operating Agreement. 
  • Telos EVM, allowing Ethereum (solidity) contracts to be deployed on Telos. 
  • A growing list of over 100 dApps.

And since Elon is really supporting projects that are ECO-friendly, here is what Telos Network has to offer!



Thank you very much for checking what Telos has to offer and its amazing milestone this month of May.


Please stay tuned as Telos (TLOS) will start trading in a few hours from now in Kucoin



With this announcement, It is such a great privilege to all Telos Community members that their efforts are leading to the success of the whole ecosystem itself

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I am Fycee, an APPICS dApp Senior Ambassador and one of the Telos Community Marketing Team. Not sharing a financial advice but let's always Do Your Own Research (DYOR)


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Telos - The World's Most Powerful Blockchain
Telos - The World's Most Powerful Blockchain

Telos is powering the networked ecosystem of the future. A networked ecosystem enabling visionary leaders and communities to work together to build a new global economy. - Decentralised - Energy efficient - Super-fast - Scalable - Cost-effective - Secure The Telos mainnet has been live since 2018, and today, Telos features a huge variety of smart contracts, dApps, the fastest transaction speed (at 10,000 TPS), and most importantly, ‘real world’ utility.

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