Airdrop and Tokensale During The Telos Main Event On March 1, 2021

A TokenSale and an Airdrop afterwards only on Telos!


The Telos EVM on mainnet is going to be finally launched and the TLOS ERC-20 Token on Bounce as well, the Telos Network will be giving away all TLOS holders airdrops of the upcoming DeFi projects being launched on the Telos blockchain.

Fully launching the EVM is going to be smooth since it has already been running in the testnet for quite sometimne. The EVM allows for any valid smart contract written in Solidity (0.5.16 recommended) to deploy on the Telos blockchain, operating as it would on the Ethereum network, but at far lower costs and higher performance. Indeed say good-bye to high gas fees.

Our developers have been testing out the deployment of a range of different Ethereum smart contracts via the Telos EVM, including some from well-known DeFi projects such as Uniswap which the listing will happen to be after the Bounce Token-sale. It is very exciting to see these smart contracts running smoothly on the Telos EVM testnet version!

Here is how the Telos EVM has been running in comparison to running natively on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain:


As the blockchain improves and develops, so as the utility token progresses. The DeFi has shown enormous growth since last year. This sprouted a lot of decentralized financial products which are now also using cryptocurrencies ranging from savings to derivatives and options to lending. Soon Telos will also be offering projects like these and will definitely make the value of the Token and will provide more liquidity as well.

To qualify for the Airdrop:

one must have their TLOS Tokens existing inside their wallets and not inside the exchangers.

During the launching, airdrops are going to be annouced by then. One should hold TLOS Tokens in any compatible wallet. The ones being staked to REX is also included or any ERC-20 TLOS inside the Ethereum compatible wallet. Transfer all your TLOS Tokens from the exchangers to your TLOS wallets because this will not be indluded in the said airdrop. Snapshots start from the first week of March 2021.

If you are new to Telos, here are the things you should do:

Create an account first of course:

Visit this website sub-page for a complete step by step guide.

It will also give you options on what wallet to choose in storing your TLOS Tokens before March 1.

Along with this even is the most important event too. The TLOS Tokensale on Bounce.

Contract address

The official contract address of the TLOS Ethereum token:


The Bounce Finance TLOS swap will start at 17:00 UTC, on Monday, March 1st, 2021

Since recently the price was only $0.02 last December 2020. A USD value that I happen to see since the time my beloved APPICS will migrate to, all the way up to $0.14 when I started creating blogs for Telos (First week of February 2021). Now, it is already a stable $0.25 (Quarter of a Dollar) with +.-$0.02 resistance.

This is just the beginning because the TULIP - A plan executed by the Telos Community to provide liquidity to the Native Token has just started its Phase 2 and will fully materialize on March 01, 2021 (A few days from now). I am providing this heads-up to everyone so we should be able to start a great position @ $0.25.

A maximum allocation of 20 million TLOS (ERC-20) will be on offer in a single tranche via the decentralised auction house, which equates to approximately 10% of the circulating TLOS supply. The swap aims to raise liquidity to fund the listing of TLOS on Uniswap and top tier centralised exchanges. The funding goal is 2,500 ETH and the sale will run for 24 hrs or until the funding goal is achieved, whichever comes first. The exact amount of TLOS offered will depend on the listing price in ETH.

This will be the first and only opportunity to get ahold of some ERC-20 TLOS tokens in exchange for ETH, before the launch of TLOS on Uniswap, which will be taking place no later than 24 hours after the close of the swap on

Source: The Telos Website - How To Buy TLOS on Bounce

After 24 hours of the Bounce Finance Tokensale, here is what's gonna happen and how it will work:

The swap is the launch of the TLOS ERC-20 token, this will then be tradeable on Uniswap. As you know, Telos is its own blockchain, so it has it currently has its own TLOS token that runs on the Telos blockchain. That is what you can buy right now, and a week after the Uniswap launch you will be able to swap between the TLOS native token and the TLOS ERC-20 token depending on what you want to do with your TLOS. For example if you want to trade it on the world's largest DEX, Uniswap, you may trade into the TLOS ERC-20, if you want to stake your TLOS and put it to work in the Telos ecosystem, you may convert it into native TLOS and stake it using REX. Prepare yourself too from the announcement of the Airdrops: 

At this time of posting, the price of the token is: $0.23 (Feb 25, 2021)

This is the current price of TLOS from CoinGecko: 

Let's also watch this after March 02, 2021 to check the price change coz this even would be collossal.

More useful links:

Create a mobile wallet here:

Create a TLOS Desktop Wallet now!
Refer and earn once you already created an account. You will receive 5 SQRL Tokens for FREE and earn 5 additional for each friends you refer.

Buy TLOS on Probit Exchanger: Sign up on PROBIT here 

I am Fycee, an APPICS dApp Senior Ambassador and one of the Telos Marketing Team.


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Telos - The World's Most Powerful Blockchain

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