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‘Pepo’ is the first Apple Pay approved DApp

5 Jan 2020 2 minute read 0 comments fklivestolearn

The blockchain-based social media platform was launched recently at the San Francisco Blockchain Week   For those of you who don’t know, DApp is an abbreviation for decentralized application where the front-end interface is pretty similar to any othe...

Creating Quantum states in everyday electronics is a major breakthrough

5 Jan 2020 2 minute read 2 comments fklivestolearn

This may also spell an earlier demise for Moore’s Law   The emerging power and exponential growth of Quantum Computing in recent years have people questioning the validity of Moore’s Law — coined by Intel co-founder Gordon Moore in 1965 which deduced...

Ricardian Contracts can become the next generation of Smart Contracts

5 Jan 2020 4 minute read 0 comments fklivestolearn

Ricardian contracts go a step further than the smart contracts   Some of the most popular Blockchain concepts seeing practical implementation now have been in theoretical existence since the 1990s e.g Proof of Work, Ricardian contracts & Smart contra...

What are the different types of DLTs & how they work?

5 Jan 2020 7 minute read 1 comment fklivestolearn

Although used interchangeably with blockchain, Digital Ledger Technology is a broad-based term   Let me clarify from the get-go that although both the terms DLT (Digital Ledger Technology) & Blockchain are used interchangeably, there is a certain dif...

Central banks can’t ignore the impact of digital currencies anymore

5 Jan 2020 6 minute read 0 comments fklivestolearn

The idea of a CBDC which was mostly frowned upon till a short time ago is now being openly discussed by various Central banks   Although the price action in digital currencies in Q3 has disappointed the Crypto bulls, the mainstream adoption of digita...

Litecoin halving didn’t prove fruitful for the 6th largest Cryptocurrency

5 Jan 2020 2 minute read 0 comments fklivestolearn

Litecoin Block rewards halving has seen the mining interest plummet, Will Bitcoin Halving in 2020 suffer the same fate?   Let me start off by explaining the process of halving in Cryptos like Bitcoin and Litecoin for people who don’t know. It inv...

Chrome extension “Shitcoin Wallet” is stealing data from its users

5 Jan 2020 1 minute read 0 comments fklivestolearn

The Ethereum wallet is injecting malicious javascript code from open browser windows   That didn’t take long… we have just started the year and already we have the first data breach incident reported. Cybersecurity and anti-phishing expert Harry Denl...

The FATF’s controversial “travel rule” is killing the buzz around the privacy focused digital coins

4 Jan 2020 2 minute read 19 comments fklivestolearn

The decentralization and privacy of the cryptocurrencies have irked the financial regulators from Day one. Most of the financial authorities actually blame that cryptocurrencies are used by malicious actors for money laundering & other illegal activi...

Bitcoin had a stellar 2019 as it got crowned the best investment of the decade. 

3 Jan 2020 4 minute read 2 comments fklivestolearn

It has been quite a journey for the premier digital currency of the World. Although the idea was conceived with Satoshi Nakamoto publishing the white paper (Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System) in November 2008, the practical implementatio...