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Bitcoin dump incoming?

7 Apr 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Mcjulcz

A lot of people are in bullish mood right now, yet mooning is still not as obvious as some believe. There are few reasons why I'm still rather sceptical about a big pump right now. First one is volume which haven't changed drastically as it should a...

The Worst Red Candle On History. Best Opportunity of Business?

14 Mar 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Cesare

What happened? We have witnessed the biggest dump in Bitcoin history since 2013, even marking almost -50% in a single day and scaring the whole world of investors. The price has dropped for a few moments even under $ 4k with a panic sell situation ne...

Bitcoins Drastic drop a result of US Marshal Bitcoin Auction?

24 Feb 2020 1 minute read 0 comments TiddyBit

Hey everyone. You may have been surprised today while Gold and metals moved and stock market dropped Bitcoin also dropped while it normally goes up like gold does when market experiences theses types or drops. Typically when markets become volatile p...

The new petition asks Ripple to stop selling XRP

9 Aug 2019 2 minute read 0 comments CEDCryptoCoin

  Influencer Crypto Bitlord on Twitter created a petition asking Ripple to stop selling XRP   The company owns more than half of the total XRP offer, with most of their coins held in custody. Ripple releases one billion XRPs from custody each month...

Huge XRP Dump!

26 Apr 2019 1 minute read 4 comments Electroneum United

It was a Friday at my dead beat job at McDonalds. At least it was payday. Before clocking in I withdrew my earnings from the bank and headed to the BTC ATM. Nothing like making money on top of money from trading. Sure, the last few paydays I did the...