Huge XRP Dump!
Huge XRP Dump!

It was a Friday at my dead beat job at McDonalds. At least it was payday. Before clocking in I withdrew my earnings from the bank and headed to the BTC ATM. Nothing like making money on top of money from trading.

Sure, the last few paydays I did the same and the market went down. Sure that fact turned my $8.50 an hour job to a $3.50 an hour job. I don't care. When we hit the moon, I'll have the last laugh.

I decided I'd do something a little different this time and exchange that BTC for XRP. It moved up a few cents earlier so I was confident.

At the register, I keep my Blockfolio open just in case. You never know.

"Hi, what would you like to order?" I asked.

"Yes, I would like a quarter pounder with no pickles. Extra ketchup. Also a ten piece nugget with a coke, please." At this point I looked down and saw XRP went up 25%. I was hyped but I still had to finish taking the order.

"Ma'am, you said a quarter pounder with only pickles and a ten piece nugget?"

"No...No pickles, extra ketchup with the nuggets and a coke." I looked down again and XRP was up 75%!

"Okay. A ten piece with a quarter pounder. No pickles, extra ketchup, and a diet coke, of course."

"Of course? No. A regular coke..." I looked down again and XRP was up 150%! The minute I saw it, I let out the loudest fart I've ever heard and pooped my pants.

"Would you like to add fries to that?"

"No! Where is your manager?!

Finally. The day came that I was not in the red. Unfortunately, I wasn't in the green either. The pump was truly followed by a dump in more ways than one. Therefore, that day I was in the brown.

I am The Bear Market Comedian! BMC for those learning their ABCs. Feel free to comment, follow, and tip. Your support is appreciated. Until next time, I'll see you soon!

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The Bear Market Comedian
The Bear Market Comedian

I am the buyer of all tops, seller of all lows, bitconnect hodler, the one and only Bear Market Comedian. BMC for those who are allergic to syllables. Welcome to the show!

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