How the different crypto price manipulation groups work on Telegram

By Simplify Crypto | Simplify Crypto | 6 Apr 2021

The group is contained on the Telegram platform, and orchestrated together with its community, they make entries in tokens on the Bitcoin pair (BTC) to leverage the price of the crypto and make a profit right afterwards.

Now the Bitnotícias portal has raised that the number of groups in Telegram that carry out this type of procedure is large.

The interesting thing is that in addition to the groups of pumps that raise the value of assets to grab more Funds, there are also groups of dumps.

If there are groups of "collective purchases" there is also that of "collective sales", so to speak.

The groups of dumps are more rare, and the purpose is exactly the reverse of the groups of pumps.

In dump groups, the objective is to bring down the asset price and buy more of them at lower prices.

Either way, the desire is to win more coins in the end.

While the pump groups use the BTC pair to grab more coins, the dump groups usually use stablecoins with little usability to grab more altcoins.

In all cases, low liquidity cryptography or asset pairs that have low liquidity are used for the pumps and dumps processes.

In total, 15 groups of pumps were found using different keywords, and 4 groups of dumps in Telegram.

Virtually everyone uses the Binance exchange platform for transactions.

However, we found that some groups use more well-known cryptography, as we observed in the case of XRP and TRX, and the group's goal is not to pump and sell.

The groups use the pump process, but do a kind of trend following where they hodl the currency for a certain period of time and the price of the stop loss will go up in case the price of the asset in question falls.

According to whoever invests in a variable income market, mainly crypto, you know, this market is largely moldable mainly by whales.

In this way, the objective of these groups appears to be to gather a portion of investing users and thus form a kind of school, if we can interpret it, and push the price of an asset up or down.

And as we can imagine, the problem with this is for those sardines that “get lost in the school”.

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