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22 hours ago 2 minute read 4 comments Simplify Crypto

Something very important has been proving and reinforcing the scarcity characteristics of bitcoin. In addition to the recent news from institutional players becoming increasingly interested in bitcoin (more recently Paypal entering the cryptocurrency...

Harvest Finance hacked

27 Oct 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Simplify Crypto

Harvest Finance's decentralized financing protocol suffered a hacker attack in which approximately $25 million in crypto were stolen. Twitter's defiprime profile reported at 7 pm on October 25, Sunday, that something strange was happening with the pr...


26 Oct 2020 4 minute read 0 comments Simplify Crypto

Cryptoactive and blockchain technology, once a mystery, has now gradually become popular and gaining ground in many sectors, such as the economy, health and education, which are beginning to benefit from this potent innovation. With the maturity of t...


26 Oct 2020 4 minute read 1 comment Simplify Crypto

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), are investment products that offer investors exposure to a range of stocks, bonds or other assets in different geographic regions and market sectors, including: debt securities from various countries around the world, st...

FileCoin on Strike

25 Oct 2020 1 minute read 1 comment Simplify Crypto

The FileCoin protocol has just been launched and it is already experiencing more problems. Now, the largest miners in the FileCoin storage network have stopped their machines in protest against the protocol's unfair economic model. According to a rep...


25 Oct 2020 4 minute read 0 comments Simplify Crypto

The blockchain provided an economic infrastructure that adds value to virtual assets in a way never seen before. At the possibilities are enormous and the potential for innovation and disruption shows itself stronger and stronger. Among the novelties...


23 Oct 2020 4 minute read 0 comments Simplify Crypto

From works of art to real estate, the way to invest and transact assets is about to change radically with the modernization provided by tokenization. With a huge potential to cause significant changes in various sectors, asset tokenization refers to...


21 Oct 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Simplify Crypto

On September 26, the Asian exchange KuCoin suffered what is considered the third biggest hack since the creation of Bitcoin involving cryptocurrency exchanges. The criminal exploited security vulnerabilities and had access to private keys, stealing a...


21 Oct 2020 6 minute read 0 comments Simplify Crypto

Opponents of Bitcoin (central banks, some politicians, among others) interested in the depreciation of the asset's popularity, generally make all sorts of negative statements to convince the general public of the “harmful” side of Bitcoin, linking th...

PolkaBTC - Tokenized Bitcoin under the Polkadot protocol is on its way

20 Oct 2020 1 minute read 7 comments Simplify Crypto

Interlay, a blockchain startup funded by the Web3 Foundation, will launch PolkaBTC early next year, a tokenized Bitcoin based on the Polkadot blockchain. Like all tokenized Bitcoin, PolkaBTC will be backed by 1: 1 with Bitcoin. The Polkadot network p...


PolkaBTC - Tokenized Bitcoin under the Polkadot protocol is on its way

20 Oct 2020 Simplify Crypto

27 October 2020
It is a pleasure to contribute for the peoples knowledge and know that people likes our work. I hope you like ours other articles.

PolkaBTC - Tokenized Bitcoin under the Polkadot protocol is on its way

20 Oct 2020 Simplify Crypto

25 October 2020
Exactly, your BTC token (ERC-20) will have the same value as the real BTC. So if BTC price pumps or dumps the value of BTC token will dump or pump the same way.

PolkaBTC - Tokenized Bitcoin under the Polkadot protocol is on its way

20 Oct 2020 Simplify Crypto

25 October 2020
Many people dont want to leave there BTCs. They prefer to use a BTC token in other blockchains like WBTC and RBTC in Ethereum. And with this people can put liquidity in DEX without to have to sell there BTCs.

BlockFi Offers Interest-Earning, Low-Cost Loans, And Fee-Free Trading!

23 Oct 2020 Cryptonator`s

23 October 2020
I used your ref link to create my blockfi account I am waiting only the deposite arrive

BlockFi Offers Interest-Earning, Low-Cost Loans, And Fee-Free Trading!

23 Oct 2020 Cryptonator`s

23 October 2020
The value for Halloween bonus it is the value in the account at 30 October? Example today I deposit $250 in BTC but the BTC dump and now my deposit have $200 value. I will receive the bonus for $250 or for $200? Do you know?

BlockFi Offers Interest-Earning, Low-Cost Loans, And Fee-Free Trading!

23 Oct 2020 Cryptonator`s

23 October 2020
Do you know if it is necessary do some KYC to open the account?

Promising FileCoin (FIL) protocol launched

19 Oct 2020 Simplify Crypto

19 October 2020
I dont know STORJ

Let there be ink! US government prints over 22% of all US dollars in 1 year

12 Oct 2020 Simplify Crypto

12 October 2020
I also agree that there is hardly any other way out of this financial problem due to COVID. In relation to inflation, I think we will have high inflation in almost all countries, mainly in the underdeveloped countries due to the fact that their currencies have little relevance worldwide. However, I think that cryptocurrencies in general could benefit from this money immersion policy because people have even invested in stocks and cryptocurrencies with the incentives. Of course, this will not cause cryptocurrencies to appreciate 10x or something like that, but they will end up valuing themselves in some way.

Passive Income #2 - NetBox

6 Oct 2020 Simplify Crypto

08 October 2020
I am also thinking to getting into IDENA but i need to learn more about the protocol

New Farming Contracts On Bankroll Continue To Pump The Price Of BNKR

6 Oct 2020 Sapphire

07 October 2020
The APY is 1,015% or 1015% for TRX?

Passive Income #2 - NetBox

6 Oct 2020 Simplify Crypto

07 October 2020
Yes I am. It's good to earn a litle more NBX

Passive Income #2 - NetBox

6 Oct 2020 Simplify Crypto

07 October 2020
Hello, I dont see NBX using a lot of data here

Passive Income #2 - NetBox

6 Oct 2020 Simplify Crypto

07 October 2020
I will check yout posts

Passive Income #1 - PackStream

6 Oct 2020 Simplify Crypto

06 October 2020
Can you explain to me how Idena Network works?

Passive Income #1 - PackStream

6 Oct 2020 Simplify Crypto

06 October 2020
This is a project not related with crypto. I had used this for 1/2 months to earn the 5$. I think the crypto projects does not run in windows.

Where did the first cryptocurrencies on the market go?

24 Sep 2020 Simplify Crypto

24 September 2020
No problem at all ;) in 2013 only existed 7 crypto

Where did the first cryptocurrencies on the market go?

24 Sep 2020 Simplify Crypto

24 September 2020
but in 2013 that coins were not existed

Faucets Are Generally A Waste Of Time But These 5 Are On Another Level

21 Sep 2020 Sapphire

21 September 2020
I was talking about my time. I am not telling for others it is a waste. I know for other countries can be good.

Faucets Are Generally A Waste Of Time But These 5 Are On Another Level

21 Sep 2020 Sapphire

21 September 2020
I stopped to wast my time with faucets

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BlockFi Offers Interest-Earning, Low-Cost Loans, And Fee-Free Trading!

23 Oct 2020 2 minute read comments Cryptonator`s

In my last post, I told you about earning interest on your crypto with Compound Finance in a decentralized way. Besides the decentralized lending platforms, there are also centralized lending platforms like BlockFi. Both ways, centralized and decentr...

Coinex Users Beware!

10 Sep 2020 2 minute read comments Sapphire

There's A Right Way & A Wrong Way It seems there is an ever increasing case of smaller exchanges suddenly implementing KYC without notifying their users prior to their decision. This would be bad enough if this was the only issue associated with this...

July Publish0x Ambassadors Leaderboards Contest Completed: $160 in ETH Paid Out!

11 Aug 2020 1 minute read comments Igor Tomić

It's time to reward our ambassadors who have had the best results in July! Thank you to all of you who have referred your friends, family, or suggested to new users to sign up and try out Publish0x.   Here are the Ambassadors Leaderboards Winners for...

July Crypto & Blockchain Social Metrics & Earnings Report

10 Aug 2020 2 minute read comments Scott Cunningham

So that you can take full advantage of the platforms out there that use blockchain technology and have crypto monetization, I will share with you the 6 platforms I used to make $967.84 CAD worth of crypto in July. I’m committing to sharing these eve...

Cryptocurrency investment: Why you should take the risk

10 Aug 2020 4 minute read comments Dzoelx

Couple of disclaimers on cryptocurrency investment advice and endless warnings, ‘cryptocurrency investments are very risky ventures…and the earth is flat’. Well, one is a fact, the other is probably another way to look at facts. A little focus will t...

Huge Twitter Hack Exposes Faults In Centralization

24 Jul 2020 1 minute read comments Scott Cunningham

Twitter was socially engineered into giving away administrative access to their top-level users resulting in them all having a bitcoin scam posted on their accounts. This could have been way worse and highlights the flaws in centralized platforms. Le...

Trip to Portugal - Couce #5

23 Jul 2020 1 minute read comments portugal

I return again with my 3 hour journey through the mountains in Couce - Serras do Porto. A wonderful place to enjoy nature and relax a little from city life. I feel more and more close to nature, and increasingly wanting to get away from the city. I a...

GPU Mining - BEAM (Beginners' How-To Guide) - BEAMHASH III Edition

3 Jul 2020 4 minute read comments Mynima

This is number 13 of the mining articles for beginners and hobby miners, if you're interested at having a go at mining some other coins then check out the rest of my blog here.  Before I begin there are a couple of things to remember; Firstly unless...

How Curve hacked Curve

3 Jul 2020 2 minute read comments CurveFinance

In March, a sUSD incentivized pool was launched with Synthetix. The trial was overwhelmingly successful as, while having smaller value in the pool, the pool was providing a much deeper liquidity than sETH/ETH Uniswap pool. However, on April 20th (was...

DeFi Balancer Was Hacked Twice Within 24 Hours

2 Jul 2020 2 minute read comments

It seems that every time when DeFi is booming, the hackers will come. The last time is Lendf.Me which lost $24.95 million Lendf.Me Hacked & Refunded, this time is Balancer which was hacked twice within 24 hours and lost around $502,300. We always sa...



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