Prepare to big market movements for MCO (Monaco Coin)
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Prepare to big market movements for MCO (Monaco Coin)

By VNFC | crypto sessions | 29 Apr 2020

hello guys

a short notice before anything will start:

a received a WhaleBot alert about MCO with a 400.000 MCO transfer to Binance: TxID

At first I said it is a small amount (about 2.2 mil $), but then I checked the total volumes traded on Binance in the last 24 h: about 530 k $. So, I 4x volume of MCO is coming into Binance market.

What should it mean? Unfortunatelly, two things:

- possible dump

- possible drop followed by an increase (somebody wants to play with people to gather more MCO)

Check this price chart and follow what is happening in the next period:


I am curious where the price will go and I must confess you I'd like to go down until 2.64$ to fill my bag.

This is a nice project and I'd like to be part of it, for their cashback money and the rest of the offers, like free Netflix and Spotify, lounge airport access, etc.

Their recently move is this:


for more info, there's a plenty of places where you can read for, including this platform, Publish0x.





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crypto sessions
crypto sessions

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