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Change ; change happens but you can make it a conscious move.

3 Sep 2019 1 minute read 0 comments Ajorundon

As posted on Medium The word change, no matter the context of use, it still represents a difference. So, a difference in an event means a change in such event. Correct? Yes. Change from within and without have their results. Conscious change is meani...

I quit my job today

16 Aug 2019 1 minute read 2 comments Groonie

This is the end of my career in science. I've been working in medical research labs for the past 5+ years, and today I handed in my two weeks notice. From the beginning of september on, I'll be a student again, pursuing a bachelor's degree in compute...

What Are Kids Learning In School Today?

10 Aug 2019 1 minute read 0 comments Scott Cunningham

We have radically changed our industries, sciences, culture, and so much more in the past 100 years, but the one thing that hasn't really changed much is our educational system. Why is this that? I ponder over some of my own experiences and I feel t...

How The Crypto Industry Changed My Life!

25 Jul 2019 31 minute read 6 comments CoachKCrypto

  A Life Changing Experience We’ve all had it. The job that we hated, the boss we didn’t like, the feeling we could do so much more and that others were holding us back. I still remember the feeling I used to have when I would go into work and think...

Chasing change.

16 Feb 2019 4 minute read 0 comments Jawbone

So. 3:59 Thursday afternoon and I'm sitting around in my PJ's contemplating about a million things, take action on none. My motivation is non existent, it's like it's stuck between being comfortable and being lazy. That's right, I'm blaming my motiva...

Motion Potion

10 May 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Fatharach

I was never broken I was just misunderstoodBy myself, but we talked it outNow everything is goodIm awokenGot my tokenAnd a life i dreamed ofBefo' himGotta put the work inSun let me soak inLife i will seizeWhile the masses standFrozen. Frozen

Simple Steps

30 Mar 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Fatharach

Simple Steps To heaven fly The beast inside Twisting vibes I speak it plain A passion rise Loved one dies To reignite The burned out flame Don't hide your eyes See through the lies Abuse the glitch To win the game No longer try The Mesmerize Smash th...