Cryptic, profound, inspiring and thought-provoking poems mixed with some impressive 3D graphics. KiBLS is poet and multimedia artist from germany. My poetry collection on publish0x:

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A ray in the darkness

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A ray in the darkness Deep inside of his heart, there' s been a great pain for a long time. Every evil and slanderous word, continues this cycle. Injured and smashed to the ground, he will do what many do not dare; He looks fearlessly into the"eyes o...

One unit

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One unit Do I act free or with compulsion? Am I for Yin or for Yang? Am I here or am I there? Am I coming now or am I leaving? Am I right or left? Am I even up or down? Good and bad, warm and cold - only opposites in a guise. The light shines into th...

Dear heart

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Dear heart Words right from the deep of the heart! Instantly melt away all pain! Sentences directly from the deep of the heart! Burns brighter than "all" candles! Rhymes coming from the heart! Include luck in every verse! Poems - many words, phrases,...

Hypnotic dreams

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Hypnotic dreams Walking in a trance through the whole life, Just acting completely selfish. Did man not see it for a long time? There are beings who have been craving for a long time. A rough blow - in the middle of the face. The last day is now stan...

The decisive force

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The decisive force You never had to confess yourself this way in the past. To name all his friends and enemies too. Make so final, quick conclusions, because you do not want to lose. But is it really "a battle"? When the flame of the heart is kindled...

With open eyes

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With open eyes Just a little thought in another place. It changes the entire structure immediately! Just a little word in another spot. It changes the whole purpose of content! A lie instead of the truth, just brings heartache no clarity! When you on...

Glorified self praise

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Glorified self praise I like to read my own words, they are of a "special sort"! Everything else comes only from the outside! From there comes the biggest nonsense! Just pay attention to your inner voice! So she can swim in the flow above! All the ch...

Sometimes up, sometimes down

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Sometimes up, sometimes down I ask myself; Who i really am. I ask myself; after the true sense. I feel power; and much more! And yet I feel so often empty. In a heavy stir change; cold and warm. The pure harmony; wild and tame! Yin and Yang; a minus...

Fight for freedom

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Fight for freedom I only see virtual pictures ... And on all corners only signs! Sitting in a noble cage. Digitally scratching the days. Will you recognize the grids soon? and then the guards burn. The whole humanity is subjugated. But resistance is...

Money, money and money

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Money, money and money Where to go with all my money? How much does the whole world cost me? I am in a material delusion. My mind is beautifully tame. All troubles and all frustrations, everything gives in to this material pleasure. I want to have ev...