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The fate of Publisher0x

25 Feb 2020 3 minute read 13 comments Psyhedelic

We all are wondering if Publisher0x will work.By work I mean if it will get bigger and bigger with huge active user base and so on.  In the current state, I don't think so and I will try to tell you why. Keep in mind that's only my opinion on how I s...

The rush beginning, forex trading

22 Feb 2020 2 minute read 0 comments Psyhedelic

Hello and welcome,       The rush started about a year ago, when a friend told me about his cousin who makes money online with this thing called forex. At that time I knew very little about this and given this reason I consider it "witchcraft"      ...


The fate of Publisher0x

25 Feb 2020 Psyhedelic

26 February 2020
Ok. 1. Why reddit has a such large user base? The answer is diversity. You can can look any r/whatilookfor and is there. Plus with Brave browser you can now tip people who make posts on reddit. I go to reddit while I'm enjoying my coffee and I don't know how time passes by, I'm that hooked up and I don't earn money doing it. I simply love to read some posts. 2. Even with the new section, if added. 5 of 4 post will be about crypto. We need to adapt a new user base. We need to appreciate more the non crypto posts. That's why currently I'm tipping and sharing only not crypto related posts. 3. That's what I'm trying to do. You should check out Smoljanović who made a post about the same problem ( he is around here in the comments) how everything is about crypto. But wants the liberty to write about something else and to feel appreciated if he does so.

The fate of Publisher0x

25 Feb 2020 Psyhedelic

25 February 2020
Done! I've change it. Thank you for pointing that out!

Japan's beautiful winter festivals - a tale of ice, snow and colour

21 Feb 2020 PantheraNegra

25 February 2020
It is such a shame that everything gets melted.

The fate of Publisher0x

25 Feb 2020 Psyhedelic

25 February 2020
Thank you Seyiodus, I'm glad to have you as a follower

The fate of Publisher0x

25 Feb 2020 Psyhedelic

25 February 2020
I'm glad you agree with me. And you are right, for an unrelated post you need to look a lot. I had a friend who checked the website and first reaction was and I quote: "This website is all about crypto" before I tell him to check on "others"

You don't need the next Bitcoin, you only need the next XRP I How to become a millionaire through math

19 Feb 2020 Cryptolohy

21 February 2020
Beside research and not being greedy, I think you also need patience. The price from 0.0000025 to 0.01 will not be happen overnight.

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Travel Portugal - Marina do Freixo

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Whoever comes to Porto for the first time doesn't need to know the names, just put on some comfortable shoes or get on the bike and get in the way, starting at the tip that suits you: Foz or Valbom.   This is undoubtedly the most peaceful part of t...

Quality games for kids (Monument Valley 1 and 2)

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I see so many parents give their kids games that really have no purpose other than to kill time and that are just horrifically bad pieces of gaming. In some cases you may as well inject your kid with a double dose of sugar and attention deficit.... I...

Decentraland Hits Ethereum MainNet With a $100,000 Treasure Hunt

21 Feb 2020 1 minute read comments egamersio

The Main Launch marks the beginning of a new era, the DAO one. A significant Treasure Hunt with $100,000 worth of blockchain assets has started on Thursday in Decentraland as it kicks-off Main Launch on Ethereum Network along with easy to use develop...

Phone 'Mining' - ETN (Beginners' How-To Guide)

20 Feb 2020 3 minute read comments Mynima

Update: This guide is no-longer relevant as it is not possible to mine ETN any longer via the phone APP.     For this blog post I'm just going to a short but sweet everyday mining item that is something anyone with a smart phone can get involved in....

Publish0x vs Steemit: Why Equality Wins

20 Feb 2020 3 minute read comments FarewelltoMinds

Yo what's good folks? I’m about a week in on Publish0x. How does it compare to Steemit? There are a few notable similarities and differences, which I’ll go into this post. What I Liked About Steemit I used the platform for about two years. Mainly for...

Telegram is the best messaging app? Pro and Cons.

16 Feb 2020 2 minute read comments SpectreMZ

Hello guys, this is my first article, first of begin please be good for my english 😔 In this article I want to begin to talk about Telegram specifically analyze the Pro and Cons and know your thinking. First of all a little introduction of Telegram f...


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