COVID-19 | 1 Month Lockdown | What Changed?

By rajayaku | General Topics | 7 Apr 2020

Like most of you, my life's changed too, a month since going to office, a month of staying at home, what has changed?

When the situation started, I knew I will be locked up at home for some time & was expecting it to be the most boring episode of my life. However, things started changing after few days. The new normal took over, once I started realizing the fact - life can spring you a surprise, you need to embrace it to enjoy it. 

As Today,

  • a beard on the face.
  • developed new skills - writing, reading.
  • we play board & card games at home, family's closer than ever.
  • cooking has become a habit.
  • kids got closer to internet, learning to use laptops.
  • thoughtful about spending money for unnecessary stuffs.
  • constant touch with friends and extended family than before.
  • stable mind, good health.

what has changed for you?

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