Exponential Education

By CutterMutter | The Future is here ! | 20 May 2020

The world increasingly belongs to people who understand and can harness the exponential trends and change that is happening right under our nose. In this 'flattened' globalized world, where the transmission of Knowledge and Money is practically instantaneous and accessible to every corner of the planet - the equations are drastically changing at a pace that very few are able to cope with

The Education system that we grew up with is largely obsolete and College degrees from premium institutes are going to mean less and less. Auto-learning through various online channels will become the norm - such learning will become ( is already becoming ! ) a lifelong continuous process rather than a one time college degree - coz jobs and careers will become highly fluid and flexible - people will likely have atleast a few careers in their lifetime coz of constant obsolescence of jobs by AI and Robotics.

Efficiently executing a Google search is already a skill that is more prized than a lot of University degrees ! Interesting times ahead :)

This was written a couple of years before COVID — multiply everything by 10 now 😂

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The Future is here !
The Future is here !

People who constantly feel that they are born ahead of time are the ones who most often change the world.

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