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Gold Appears To Have A New Bottom Near $2,040

16 Jan 2024 2 minute read 1 comment SweptOverNiagara

The average gold price going back decades reveals a startling pattern, the bottom for gold is on the rise. For the better part of two decades, between 1996 and 2006, gold averaged around $350. The massive spike to over $1,900 (May, 2011) that follows...

Jonathan Says that the Crypto Bottom is Here

18 Nov 2022 1 minute read 2 comments Drake Flyer

I have proof. Let’s call my proof Jonathan. Jonathan is a typical guy, who had no education in economics, was brought up in a middle-class family and dreams of having more and is envious of people who have more. Jonathan is my friend. A pretty cool g...

How Low Can Bitcoin Go? I say 21K is the absolute bottom!

28 Apr 2022 2 minute read 6 comments BitcoinBaby

The Bitcoin price went down 5% yesterday 10% already on the weekly charts and it dropped over 20% on the monthly charts. Right now we are back at the March levels, which means very much near the bottom. Of course, the bottom is a matter of perspectiv...

Bitcoin: Sunday analysis 14/04/19 and price forecast

14 Apr 2019 1 minute read 0 comments Matteofazz

The impetuous climb seems over, as always the weekend has low volumes and therefore we have to wait for tomorrow for a movement ... We had a retracement that personally did not convince me a lot, I think we can open a small dump personally I see a p...


21 Jan 2019 2 minute read 1 comment groveguy

  Hi All, It seems every one is seeking $BTC bottom and trying to time it while main stream media as always trying to promote something that might not happen. In trading world weather its Stocks Forex or Crypto 90% of people fail to make money and in...

Bitcoin Showing Signs of a Classic "V" Bottom/Reversal 12/20/18

21 Dec 2018 2 minute read 5 comments Crypto Quantamental

Unless you've been living in a rock you've seen (probably experienced) a Bitcoin decline of nearly 50% in November and a recovery of over 20% over the last week.    But is this a "V" recovery or a dead cat? Is it the capitulation and then recovery, o...