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The Ultimate Crypto Exchange Review: Binance v KuCoin v Cryptopia v Coinbase v DeltaExchange

1 week ago Crypto Quantamental $3.73 (1,450.7545 BNTY)

What makes a good crypto exchange? I rated Binance, KuCoin, Cryptopia, Coinbase, and DeltaExchange across 6 key categories.  Binance https://www.binance.com/en?ref=20007972  Delta.Exchange  https://www.delta.exchange/referral-home-page/?code=FHEHUQ ...

The Lifecycle (5 Types or Phases) of Investors and Traders

2 weeks ago Crypto Quantamental $6.66 (2,589.3596 BNTY)

Have you ever wondered what the lifecycle of a investor or trader is?  Through my years of experience I've been lucky enough to have witnessed the progression that most investors and traders make. I've dealt with some of the most sophisticated invest...

Bitcoin Showing Signs of a Classic "V" Bottom/Reversal 12/20/18

3 weeks ago Crypto Quantamental $5.88 (2,286.1233 BNTY)

Unless you've been living in a rock you've seen (probably experienced) a Bitcoin decline of nearly 50% in November and a recovery of over 20% over the last week.    But is this a "V" recovery or a dead cat? Is it the capitulation and then recovery, o...