A good end to the season on splinterlands.

By niallon11 | HIVE Blockchain | 12 Jan 2021

In what seems to be my current state of affairs I had lost all track of space and time for the umpteenth season in a row. Even as I put this post together it has been sitting on my computer for about 6 days with the intention of putting it all together.


I used to keep track of my end of season rewards religiously and their value in the game with a running series of posts but like most things, there isn't enough time to do it all.

I still love to play the game and am very excited to see where it goes with the land sales and upcoming guild wars but unfortunately I have slipped along way down the rankings in my own playing time and wins. I haven't even entered a tournament in months never mind make it to champions.

The main reason that I am even putting this post together is from getting some very decent end of season rewards for the first time in a long time. The best way to build your collection over time is just to keep playing the game every day. Those quest rewards really do build up and if you get a bit lucky you can still score the odd legendary to make it feel even better.

With that said I managed to hit a few good ones even if my haul was just 50 chests.





Type: league season
Cards Total Value: $ 18.501 Cards Burn Value: 17,255 DEC

Also another 1155 DEC and 10 Legendary 4 gold potions which is the lowest haul in a long time thankfully.
Add in an untamed pack and it was a good day at the office.


Total value: $21.50


There is money to be made from playing blockchain games if you invest some time and effort to get into good positions.

@splinterlands has actually become a solid source of crypto revenue for me over the past couple of months with the ability to earn a couple of dollars every day from just playing and having fun. You don't have to invest huge money to get into crypto, you just need to find ways to earn some online and build a portfolio from there.

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