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SplinterLore is the official lore for Splinterlands, the hit digital trading card game. Follow us for original fantasy content, such as stories, poetry, regular character profiles, timelines, maps and more!

Splinterlands Rare Card Profile - Serpentine Soldier

12 Apr 2021 6 minute read 0 comments Chris Roberts

Hissing through a a frown that makesYour nightmares run and hide,And when it strikes you down, it shakesYour deepest sense of pride. You miss again; it lets a cruelLaugh escape its lips,And with your brutal failureYou've no chance to come to grips....

Splinterlands Legendary Card Profile - Theorosa Nightshade

10 Apr 2021 7 minute read 0 comments Chris Roberts

When captive are your memories and dreams,When what you've lost has fallen from your fears,When everything is nothing as it seems,How will you live? How will you pass the years? Theorosa Nightshade Splinter - Mortis, the Death Splinter Set - ΛZMΛRÉ...

Splinterlands Epic Card Profile - Dragon Spirit

9 Apr 2021 5 minute read 0 comments Chris Roberts

Soft are the scales,Dull are the teeth;Sad are the talesOf the spirits beneath. Dragon Spirit Splinter - Draykh-Nahka, the Dragon Splinter Set - Azmare Dice Class - Non-attacking spectral Dragon Size - Dragon Spirits can almost always be seen floati...

Splinterlands Epic Card Profile - Axemaster

6 Apr 2021 7 minute read 0 comments Chris Roberts

Pushed from paradise they crawledInto the world of land,Named themselves the same as calledThe weapons in their hand. Axemaster   Splinter - ΛZMΛRÉ Set - Reward Edition Class - Close Range Attacker Size - Axemasters are all from the same hybrid ra...

Splinterlands Epic Card Profile - Grenadier

5 Apr 2021 6 minute read 2 comments Chris Roberts

Bring me not a feeble knife,A bow or crooked lance,For blasting is my way of life,And leaving naught to chance. -Grenadiers' Creed     Grenadier Splinter - Anumün - Neutral Set - ΛZMΛRÉ Dice Class - Ranged Blaster Size - The gang of thieves-turned...

Splinterlands Epic Card Profile - Lunakari Mistress

31 Mar 2021 7 minute read 2 comments Chris Roberts

Behold the daughters of the moon,The shining in their eyes,Whose power will be realized soon,By war and by surprise. Moon Maid's Melody, author unknown Splinter - Khymeria Set - ΛZMΛRÉ Dice Class - Mystical Sorceress Size - The only traits that...

Splinterlands Epic Card Profile - Onyx Sentinel

30 Mar 2021 6 minute read 2 comments Chris Roberts

Deep in halls of chalcedon,The guardian awaited,A future age will carry onWhat fools have created.   Splinter - The Burning Lands Set - Reward Edition Class - Giant onyx golem protector Size - The Onyx Sentinel seems to be the largest golem in exi...

Splinterlands Epic Card Profile - Halfling Alchemist

28 Mar 2021 8 minute read 0 comments Chris Roberts

So you've made aBow or blade,You've taken it to war,A smaller prizeInside it lies,For truly less is more. -Halfling Ditty     Splinter - All Splinters except the Burning Lands Set - Promo - Special Airdrop Exclusive Class - Range-attacking Halving S...

Splinterlands Epic Card Profile - Magi Sphinx

23 Feb 2021 4 minute read 0 comments Chris Roberts

Jungle mistress, standing proud,Guarding magic's ancient shroud,Offer trials, games for toll,Spare me passage, save my soul. -Island Warning of the Pyramid Magi Sphinx   Splinter - ΛZMΛRÉ Set - Beta Class - Magic Attack Size - The Sphinx is some...

Splinterlands Epic Summoner Profile - Kretch Tallevor

16 Feb 2021 5 minute read 4 comments Chris Roberts

Every Dragon knowsThat power comes and goes,And those that dare oppose,The power overthrows. Kretch Tallevor   Splinter - Draykh Nahka Set - Reward Edition Class - Epic Dragon Summoner Size - Kretch Tallevor stands like a man, but several heads ta...