Splinterlands Epic Card Profile - Magi Sphinx

Splinterlands Epic Card Profile - Magi Sphinx

By Chris Roberts | SplinterLore | 23 Feb 2021

Jungle mistress, standing proud,
Guarding magic's ancient shroud,
Offer trials, games for toll,
Spare me passage, save my soul.

-Island Warning of the Pyramid

Magi Sphinx


Screenshot 20210204 103227.png

Splinter - ΛZMΛRÉ

Set - Beta

Class - Magic Attack

Size - The Sphinx is some sort of magical combination of an Elf and lion. The upper portion is the size of a standard female Elf, while the lower is as large as an oversized lion.

Lifespan - The stories of ΛZMΛRÉ say that the Magi Sphinx never dies, but there is more to the story than the people of the Water Splinter know. The Magi Sphinges are actually a small tribe of warriors, instead of a single one, which has always been presumed. All Magi Sphinges have nearly identical appearances, and they are never found in couples or groups. Like an Elf, a Magi Sphinx can still live a very long life, up to three hundred years.

Weapon - The Magi Sphinx needs no weapon other than her intrinsic magical powers, which are always focused on attack. This is ironic, as it is the sworn, handed-down duty of the Magi Sphinx to protect and defend the great hidden pyramid of the ΛZMΛRÉ jungle. The attack of the Sphinx is a simple one, resembling a ball of fire covered in blue sparks. It travels swiftly and accurately from the palms of the Sphinx toward the enemy.

Habitat - The Magi Sphinges are one of the few “civilized” peoples that live in the treacherous and unforgiving jungles of ΛZMΛRÉ. Since before the Splintering, they have lived there in a secret abandoned city, where lies a great sacred pyramid. In this pyramid, the stories say untold knowledge of the Ancients is protected. Although few adventurers or treasure-hunters ever find the lost city, there is always a Magi Sphinx waiting at the pyramid’s gates like a statue. They are standing guard, presenting themselves as the final challenge to gain entry to the shrine.

Diet - Looking at their massive claws and rippling muscles, one could assume that Magi Sphinges are carnivores, but this is not so. In fact, they eat no meat. Instead, Sphinges mostly enjoy the various low-hanging fruits of the jungle trees. There are countless edible plants in the jungles, and the Magi Sphinges know instinctively which are dangerous to consume. They are also easily able to find all medicines, materials and resources they ever need within the jungles, so the Sphinges never have to leave.

Allies - Alric Stormbringer has been a long-time friend of the Magi Sphinges. It was he who invited them to take part in the Mount Mox tournaments, and he alone has known their great secret (they are not one, but many) for hundreds of years. Using his incredible powers of teleportation, Alric makes frequent visits to the pyramid in the lost city, where he carries on lengthy conversations with the Sphinx on guard. He has never attempted to enter the temple, for he would then have to fight the Sphinx as the final challenge. The Stormbringer feels he already knows enough; he can do without the ancient knowledge hidden in the pyramid. For now he is content playing games and exchanging stories with the Magi Sphinx.

Enemies - In all the years that they have protected the pyramid in the lost city, the Magi Sphinges have declared only one enemy: The Khymians of the Life Splinter. Their incessant raids of the jungles with their ill-equipped Silvershield Scouts have caused many problems for the Magi. One party even found the lost city and attempted to overpower the Sphinx who stood guard. Twelve Khymians were slaughtered by the Sphinx that day. She did not even leave a single survivor to tell the tale. The Magi know that the naive Khymians simply cannot be trusted with the ancient knowledge held within the pyramid.

Pastimes - Although she is built as a terrifying monster of physical power, a Magi Sphinx enjoys intellectual conversation more than anything. When they are alone among their own people, Sphinxes stroll through the jungles for hours upon hours, talking with each other about almost any subject under the sun. They are careful to avoid in their discussions anything about Dark Energy, with which the Magi are far more familiar than they would like to be.


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