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Splinterlands Legendary Card Profile - Scale Doctor

27 Sep 2020 4 minute read 2 comments Chris Roberts

If scale is cracked, if wing is torn,when claws and fangs are dull and worn,The Scale Doctor will make it right,Or else he will be dead tonight. Scale Doctor Splinter - Draykh-Nahka Set - Untamed Class - Healer Size - The smallest Dragon Human hybri...

Splinterlands Legendary Card Profile - Phantom of the Abyss

26 Sep 2020 4 minute read 2 comments Chris Roberts

You must beware the deepest blue,for deeper should you swim,The blue will turn to black, and you'llBe at the Phantom's whim. Phantom of the Abyss Splinter - ΛZMΛRÉ Set - Untamed Class - Legendary Phantom Size - The Phantom of the Abyss is not large,...

Basic Attention Token Now Accepted in Splinterlands!

24 Sep 2020 1 minute read 12 comments Chris Roberts

Splinterlands has been adding new cryptocurrency payment options at breakneck speed! If you're not watching closely, your favorite crypto might get added to the list without you even noticing! Splinterlands is extremely excited to announce that yo...

Uniswap (UNI) is Now Accepted in Splinterlands!

22 Sep 2020 1 minute read 5 comments Chris Roberts

In the last couple weeks, Splinterlands has made terrific strides in the ability to accept ERC20 Ethereum-built tokens. The latest exciting addition to our growing list of payment options is UNI - the token of Uniswap. What is Uniswap? Uniswap is...

GALA is Now Accepted in Splinterlands

22 Sep 2020 1 minute read 8 comments Chris Roberts

In true Splinterlands fashion, the hit game has added yet another cryptocurrency to their list of payment options, and this one comes with some hype! GALA is the native token of GALA Games, a company bringing world-renowned and experienced develop...

Introducing the Gold Foil Press - Splinterlands Regular Email Newsletter

20 Sep 2020 2 minute read 1 comment Chris Roberts

Welcome warriors one and all, to the Gold Foil Press! We hope the battlefields, tournaments and Loot Chests have been kind to you! The Gold Foil Press is Splinterlands' brand new email publication, which will go out every 2 weeks to our entire email...

Splinterlands Legendary Card Profile - Corrupted Pegasus

20 Sep 2020 3 minute read 1 comment Chris Roberts

Beauty corrupted to dark majesty,taken from bright, living sky,Brought unto Mortis for eternity,the Dark Lord's nightmarish ally. Corrupted Pegasus Splinter - Mortis Set - Promo - Essence Orb Class - Legendary Tank Healer Size - Corrupted Pegasus ar...

Splinterlands Legendary Dragon Profile - Diamond Dragon

19 Sep 2020 4 minute read 2 comments Chris Roberts

Shine like the last grain of sandThat catches the dusk's fading light.Strong and empowered you'll stand;With diamond's endurance you'll fight.And when you grow old,As now I have done,May you be the goldThat sets with the sun. -Tulafra's final inscrip...

Splinterlands Legendary Card Profile - Gold Dragon

19 Sep 2020 4 minute read 1 comment Chris Roberts

Bright are the scales,Solid are the plates,Absolute is his power,But beware ye the gilded one. -from Dragonsbaine, author unknown Gold Dragon Splinter - Draykh-Nahka Set - Alpha/Beta Class - Legendary Dragon Size - Aurus, the legendary Gold Dragon...

Splinterlands Legendary Card Profile - Red Dragon

19 Sep 2020 4 minute read 1 comment Chris Roberts

Family is everythingWhen Fire is your blood,The ones you set to take your place,Will they withstand the flood? -Voices of the Burn - Festius Red Dragon Splinter - Draykh-Nahka Set - Promo Class - Legendary Dragon Size - Although he is the largest o...


Basic Attention Token Now Accepted in Splinterlands!

24 Sep 2020 Chris Roberts

25 September 2020
Hopefully we'll gradually eliminate the "so far" from your statement. :D Thanks for all your support!

Basic Attention Token Now Accepted in Splinterlands!

24 Sep 2020 Chris Roberts

24 September 2020
Thanks :) I am official Splinterlands actually. I am the Content Director

GALA is Now Accepted in Splinterlands

22 Sep 2020 Chris Roberts

22 September 2020
Thanks! I know you've been around since the early days :) We're working long days full of endless meetings, making huge strides and deals. It's going very well, thanks to the support of all our awesome players!

GALA is Now Accepted in Splinterlands

22 Sep 2020 Chris Roberts

22 September 2020
Sorry about that! I'm not sure what the problem is, as I've only been learning the game for the last several days. I'm sure if you drop into their Discord server they can help you troubleshoot.

Splinterlands Legendary Summoner Profile - Selenia Sky

12 Sep 2020 Chris Roberts

12 September 2020
It's very common. :) United Gloridax is the name given to everyone who lives in Draykh-Nahka, since the adoption of the Golden Treaty in 631 AS. Still there are many different classes and races. Basically, class in Gloridax society is determined by how many Dragontraits a person has. It begins with birth. The vast majority of people are dropborn (classic mammal style) with no special Dragontraits. A small portion of Gloridax are eggborn. The chances of successful eggbirth are slim and Gloridax who are eggborn are the ones that call themselves Dragons, whether or not they have physical Dragontraits. All true Dragons are said to have the Fire Blood. Numbers of eggborn have been dwindling in recent years and many of the old Dragons have been dying of the mysterious Burn that has struck the Splinterlands. Unless something is done to stop this, soon there may be no true Dragons left.

Splinterlands Legendary Summoner Profile - Yodin Zaku

9 Sep 2020 Chris Roberts

10 September 2020
Yep, that was probably a good move! :) I got 3 in the airdrop and sold 'em all lol Lir Deepswimmer is the Legendary Summoner I really like right now. I just bought a couple more, almost to max now. There are so many good Summoners these days. I've got my eyes on Mylor and Qid Yuff too.

Legendary Summoner Profile - Mimosa Nightshade

12 Aug 2020 Chris Roberts

14 August 2020
There are 2 new reward cards that were released just a few days ago, Ancient Lich and Robo-Dragon Knight. :) Details at

Legendary Summoner Profile - Mimosa Nightshade

12 Aug 2020 Chris Roberts

12 August 2020
Great questions! :) Thanks for stopping by This Legendary Summoner was actually designed collaboratively with one of the high-tier backers from our last Kickstarter campaign. She was named by that backer. Many have wondered about the decision of naming her Mimosa, but it has kind of grown on me (as the guy who names pretty much everything else). When Summoners have abilities in this way, they are applied to all monsters on the team. So in this case, the whole team gets Void and Affliction. Great observation! That's why she's got such a high Mana cost.

The Play2Earn Report - Hive Edition

8 Aug 2020 Khazrakh

10 August 2020
"I did some advertising for the game for a while but the results have been pretty underwhelming. Out of the 11 people I referred, only one has bought the summoners spellbook. Once Splinterlands releases their improved new player experience and retention starts to improve, I'll probably start to actively go for referrals again, but for now I don't think it's worth the effort." This is an excellent observation, and I just want to make sure you know that we're working hard on this every day. We are all aware of the problem of not being sticky enough for brand new users. The new tutorial system will probably be the most useful feature for dealing with this problem, but we're also attacking it from other angles as well. In the very beginning, there were a lot of issues with players begging for and abusing Starter Pack promo codes, so we eliminated them. When I came in fulltime about 4 months ago, we shifted the game's marketing messages quite a bit. Basically, we had built a following of too many freemium players with no intention of ever spending any money. As you pointed out nicely above, a one-time expense is all that is necessary. Then for most players, future spending on Splinterlands comes in the form of rewards earned. That's how I've "spent" thousands of dollars on the game in the last couple years, and now I have a pretty valuable collection to show for it. I remember the way new players responded to the game in the beginning. There were a lot of people crying "pay to win, "pay to play" and other nonsense of that sort, and we made the early mistake of apologizing for the $10 Summoner Spellbook cost, instead of being proud of it. This has been almost completely rectified, and you'll be happy to know that we're already seeing better retention of new players. Once we have the retention rate where we would like it and the new player experience as clean as can be, we will do a fairly large social media advertising push. This push, if timed correctly should be able to bring lots of new users in a very short time. I'm rambling now. I appreciate your objective evaluation. I just wanted to let you know that everything is going extremely well in the Splinterverse! Have a great day!

Splinterlands Legendary Character Profile - Dragon Jumper

30 Jul 2020 Chris Roberts

31 July 2020
Absolutely! Great question! :) Cards can already be transferred to ETH, and we currently have plans to get fully integrated with WAX. Currently we are able to accept payment from and integrate wallets with a good handful of different cryptos. Here's a link with some more details on that. Accepting various cryptos is the easy part in terms of development. Making them transferable to the point where they can exist cross-blockchain is much more difficult. We already do it with Ethereum. Splinterlands cards can be "sent to Ethereum," from which point they can be listed on ETH markets like Opensea. Because no one has developed an interface to actually play the game on Ethereum, at this point the NFT cards can only exist as tradable assets on that blockchain. But imagine the possibilities... So yes, this is a big part of the vision of Splinterlands. I'm not a code guy, but more of a writer, so I can't make any promises or get into a lot of specifics, but it's on the horizon. WAX will be first :) If you'd like to ask the community about this kind of stuff, there are plenty of really smart people who care about this game, ready to chat any time of day. :)

Is it worth your time? A first look at League of Kingdoms

10 Jul 2020 Khazrakh

13 July 2020
That was a fantastic review! I got excited when I noticed you had done a write-up on League of Kingdoms. Then I got goosebumps as I read: "If League of Kingdoms was running on Hive instead, I would probably be really excited about the prospect of having fee-less, instantaneous trading of NFTs." That's exactly why I have always loved (STEEM then) HIVE: Free and fast transactions. It's probably the reason that 5-10k cards are sold each day in Splinterlands and players battle 100,000 times most days (sorry for the shill... proud moment.) You do excellent reviews; very helpful, thanks!

Underpants gnomes: understanding dApps

9 Jul 2020 Spitkitten

10 July 2020
Well, I'm about as biased as they come, but... I LOVE Splinterlands. Not only is it my full time job (Content Director) but it's the only game in my entire life that has kept me coming back religiously day after day after day. That continues to be the most impressive thing about the game for me personally: It keeps me interested, which is no easy task. As far as "diving in," I think you should decide if it's the kind of game you'll really enjoy by playing around for free. If you think so even a little, buy the Summoner's Spellbook as soon as possible so you can transact on the blockchain and earn rewards. I won't say it's for absolutely everyone, but our players love it. It's a compelling and challenging game of drafting, collection and rewards. It reminds users of everything they used to love about collectible card games, while offering all the conveniences and securities of a blockchain. Thanks for your interest :)

RuleSet Strategy Series - Back to Basics

10 Jul 2020 Chris Roberts

10 July 2020
That's great to hear! I'm glad people are enjoying my Splinterlands strategy posts so far. I just posted #2 in the series, "Healed Out."

RuleSet Strategy Series - Back to Basics

10 Jul 2020 Chris Roberts

10 July 2020
Thanks a lot :) There is a lot of strategy to Splinterlands. I look forward to sharing some of the tips I've learned in battling over 15,000 times!

Splinterlands | How Much Playing Earns! (June Report)

8 Jul 2020 costanza

09 July 2020
Great post as usual! :) Incredibly thorough and straightforward presentation of the data! Seems like the referral system is working very well for you.

Underpants gnomes: understanding dApps

9 Jul 2020 Spitkitten

09 July 2020
I like your style! :D "a terrible name for a marvelous dApp" - An incredibly common story in blockchain development.

New Updates to

28 Jun 2020 Chris Roberts

28 June 2020
Thanks a lot! :D I know lore isn't the most important thing to everyone, but it's definitely my favorite part of the game! I mean, I get to work in a literal fantasy world.

New Updates to

28 Jun 2020 Chris Roberts

28 June 2020
Great question! :) I'm definitely not ignoring anything. Different publishing sites have different purposes. I have to treat every one as a completely different audience, because they are. :) is Splinterlands' home base of course. YabaPMatt decides which updates are posted from the Splinterlands official HIVE blog and they are posted first by him. I then take all the information and spread it around, making as many pieces of content and reaching as many communities as I can. Each of the articles I post here is also posted on HIVE, but from my personal account (@chrisroberts) instead of the Splinterlands official account. HIVE is not always going to be the best place for me to post time-sensitive updates first. Publish0x for example has proven very effective for getting lots of new attention from lots of different interest groups. Bottom line: There is a whole world out there waiting for Splinterlands to be shared with them. In the coming weeks and months, you can expect to see content on many different new publishers such as Medium,, WorldAnvil and more! I will always favor sharing original content through each publisher that is the most appropriate for that particular publisher. I will not simply copy and paste the same stuff everywhere. The first place you will see new updates will almost always be Twitter, as I can compose a Tweet much more quickly than I can write an article. Thanks for your question! If you'd like to discuss further, find me in Discord. Have a great day! :D

Splinterlands: Own Your Cards Like You Never Thought Possible

4 Jun 2020 Chris Roberts

16 June 2020
I think you'll be pleasantly surprised, especially if it was in the very beginning and that means you have Alpha cards :) We've definitely come a long way! Thanks for the comment!

Splinterlands Seasons are the Heartbeat of the Game

15 Jun 2020 Chris Roberts

16 June 2020
Yes, that is correct. With the Summoner Spellbook, your HIVE blockchain account/wallet becomes active and you can make transactions. The upgrade basically unlocks the ability to earn rewards, including season rewards. :) Thanks for stopping by!

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The Play2Earn Report - Hive Edition

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Right now is a great time to be an avid Blockchain Gamer. Almost weekly new and interesting titles are released into Alpha and Beta and it seems like the Crypto Gaming World is slowly starting to mature. Today I want to give you another first impress...

Algorand Platform For Gaming With Code Example: GuessGame upgraded - v2

9 Jul 2020 14 minute read comments Ddev

This post is an improved version of the previous article found here. To expand on the game, We will create an asset (Algorand Standard Asset - ASA) for this purpose. Our asset will have the following attributes: Asset Name: WINGOLDEN Unit Name: WIN...

Earn Free Crypto With Swissborg Community App

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I only discovered this Swissborg Community App last week where you can predict if the price of Bitcoin will go or down the next 24 hours earning some free crypto in the process and have highly been enjoying it. First off, thanks to @iluvsheep who me...

🎉 Integrates Tracking of WAX, The Most Watched Blockchain for NFTs and Games

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Six months ago in our 9 Blockchains to Watch in 2020 and Why we mentioned WAX:  “With the successful debut of its WAX Cloud Wallet to simplify the user onboarding process, WAX has gained over 400,000 mainnet accounts opened within a month since its...

League of Kingdoms: The Future of Gamers

9 Jul 2020 1 minute read comments KoinMaster22

To those gamer's, I would like to introduce a hybrid strategy game called The League of Kingdoms where the gamer's battle for power. This game will guide you to have fully own and trade digital assets through NFT technology. The League of Kingdoms BE...

Splinterlands | How Much Playing Earns! (June Report)

8 Jul 2020 5 minute read comments costanza

Every month, I am making a complete overview of my personal Splinterlands earnings to show a transparent view on what can be expected by playing also hoping to convince more players to try the game out themselves.   June 1st Collection Value I starte...



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I'm a single mother


Investigating which Cryptocurrency Faucets pay, pay quickly and those that do not. A laid back look at Crypto... Who are the Cloud Mining good guys and who are the bad guys... All reviews are my own findings after using any services mentioned...


Clever person


I am Toheeb by name. I am a cool and delegent Guy.


Simple guy


Am a student of the Lagos State University


Graphic Designer. Muralist. Crypto Enthusiast


I am crypto fan. I post on Hive and Steem and now I am also here.




Fan of the crypto and technological world


Simple,Be Happy...


I write, mostly spoiler free, reviews and articles on games of all kinds.


Learning about crypto and crypto gaming.


My name is fowotade lateef adekunle, I am from Nigeria, i reside in Lagos state and I am a origin of ogun state in Nigeria, I am a graduate of computer engineering at Lagos city polytechnic in Nigeria.


Cryptocurrency enthusiast, tour guide, radio broadcast producer and graphic designer. Freedom of Thought and Solidarity Supporter.


I am interested into different business and like to learn and explore new things around,whenever I can.


Blogging about Sociology and Extreme Early Retirement


I'm a Nigerian guy, 26 years of age; lives in Nigeria; have a national diploma in engineering


I write about life and my experiences and my perception on issues we face as a human race.


Computer science engineer. Love to read and write. Android developer and Web developer. Want to create simple things that change people life.

Ehiz Innosa

I am a good reader and writter




Crypto lover


Crypto Enthusiastic. Crypto Hodler


Am an easy going fellow who understands the importance of getting new opened to acquiring more knowledge


Healing Soul. Mothering. Wandering while Wondering. Looking to Conquer Pens.


I'm a new person enthusiast in crypto.


I'm cool and easy going person, understanding and down to earth


Retired firefighter- Teach and work with the homeless- see more here-


Simple Man-kind, Love Cryptos


Good Boy from +62


iam nice man


Avid thinker and reader.

Blockchain Beth

Part-time student - full-time daydreamer and blockchain gaming enthusiast.


Here to learn

Prof. Magic

Learning about crypto


Student of 2nd year in department of industrial engineering and management | Future Industrial engineer | Nature lover | Photographer


Current projects: writing a literary history book about Victorian and Edwardian fiction as successor to the medieval dream vision genre. Learning to draw. Slooooowly learning the fancier ins and outs of the roll20 VTT.


My name is Graham Cook and I am 47 years old. I am a DJ and producer from Scotland now living off grid in the South of Spain with a community of travellers, punks and hippies.


BA and MSc in International Relations. New to cryptocurrency. One of the best political analysis. Expert in terrorism, post-conflict states and state-building. Up-to-date to everyday political and foreign news.




I'm a businessman


I'm addicted to making money


Beyhan is a blogger and web developer living in Sakarya, Turkey.


Am a writer, poet and comedian.


I'm busy but just want to meet you guys

Mr classic

Fun to be with, friendly and straight forward


Just a casual freelance writer looking for a little luck


I will do in Bitcoin, Etherium and more

Zagham Travel

Hi, and welcome to my blogs :)! I am a Travel Blogger and wildlife Photographer. I hope you like it and follow me for upcoming blogs.


A learner


I love to take risks especially in learning new things. Shy but outspoken.


Am a pastor and a counselor based in Asaba Nigeria west Africa.


Olufunso oyelola

Patrycja Gabor



I would like to write my idea about cryptocurrency.

Micheal maliq

I am an easy going gentle man and loves adventure


My trip my adventure


Me gusta jugar baseball y salir con mis amigos. Tengo 29 años


I'm ajmal from Pakistan and I want to be successful person by crypto currency


A young man who loves digital currencies and is always reading about it❤


Good earn crypto


Keep Moving Forwards


Aspiring to get the best


A Motivated Mechanical engineer

Technically Product

I'm James. I write how-to guides on digital marketing, analytics and web development products at


We are the Captain of our Soul... The architect of our own Destiny...


My name is Zulaa, i am from England. Here to learn and earn Crypto.


saya adalah seorang mahasiswa


I'm trader and bitcoin investor. And I'm looking for new earning opportunities.


I am a new member of this site


A civil Engineer


I am 🕊️ dove of Africa a simbol of peace


Allwell Onuoha, Student Depart of Anatomy, College of Health Sciences, Nnamdi Azikiwe University.


I want learn some crpto

Diplômate blé

Je suis entrepreneurs




Science enthusiast, semi-smart person, amateur musicologist, father


Let's share our passion for coins !




Crypto Expert


I am student

Adekola Adebayo

I'm a pharmD student and am also a chemistry tutor .


I am a computer technician I love reading in the internet.


I am a Crypto Lover And Also passionate about cryptocurrency and hope that I can make at least some small contribution to post some of my thoughts and analysis.


I have a great ambition in your company


Nuevo en este mundo


iam youtuber natural lover picture and news , i love crypto tradings


I am a freelancer and need to earn some extra crypto money.


I'm really energetic, and a great Communicator and writer. Working in sales for two years helped me to build confidence and taught me the important of customer loyalty. I am punctual, dependable and can be counted upon to finish what i start.




I love to read write play and travel


I am peace I love reading 💗💗 I love crypto world


I'm a jovial easy going guy, always ready to learn new things... Kind of an omnivert, just so you know :)

Dhananjay Rajadnya

I am 32 years old lawyer practicing in Pune, India. Writing is my passion and since last ten years I have written various short stories and poems. Apart from writing, I am a seeker who love to read and gather knowledge from all the possible sources.

Joshwin Kr

I am passionate about to reading books, and one of my best hobby is reading, I would like to read Horror, Romantic, Epic, etc...


Love crypto and live earning crypto


Cool headed person


Get the money


Soy una persona muy emprendedora


My name is thomas I'm 31 years old


A student of University of Nigeria Nsukka


I love teaching. I also love business opportunities.




Upcoming blogger


Am a honest, easygoing person who is willing and ready to leaning new things


buenas tardes mi nombre es Jose torres venezolano, soy diseñador gráfico y soy fanático de la lectura. estoy en este momento produciendo podcats de interés variado y me pareció excelente esta pagina por el hecho de poder monetizar lo que te gusta hacer.


Hardworking Need an income

Aung ko



Hi I am Korean coin beginner.


I am a freelancer, Now i work it.


Simple and straightforward.


trabajo en atención al cliente, tiempo parcial marketing, sistemas operativos, operador de pc




Sail in the world of cryptocurrencies


emprendiendo digitalmente


A middle aged atheist from the Motor City rotting in the hell known as Florida. With no family left and a hatred for the lies of the establishment, not much left for me these days but to get high and watch the world die slowly.


Business Man


I m online worKer


I am a student trying to make some money


I am a student of BBA . I am a well writter. I can write anything about any topic after my own research. I hope I'll work properly in this platform. Thank you.


Crypto enthusiaast. Carrot cake connoisseur.


Crypto fanboy


hello, i love metal music and also like to play guitar. Besides, I have a little preference for cryptocurrencies.


Am easy going guy


I am crazy boy...


A gentle man