Splinterlands Legendary Card Profile - Theorosa Nightshade

By Chris Roberts | SplinterLore | 10 Apr 2021

When captive are your memories and dreams,
When what you've lost has fallen from your fears,
When everything is nothing as it seems,
How will you live? How will you pass the years?

Theorosa Nightshade


Splinter - Mortis, the Death Splinter

Set - ΛZMΛRÉ Dice

Class - Legendary Lunatic Sorceress

Size - Theorosa is a small woman of short stature in her current physical form who could easily be mistaken from a distance for a young girl, but for the past decade she has learned (and forgotten) what it means to be truly small. After misfiring an amplified shrinking spell during a fateful duel with the dreaded Dua Sisters, she had to make her way through Beluroc on a subatomic level, much tinier than a grain of sand. In such a small state, everything in the world is experienced differently (even time itself) and the nearly 12 years for Theorosa passed in what felt like hundreds. Her surroundings were too large to perceive, and her enemies became the microscopic insects that were small enough to take an interest in the shrunken woman. They were ruthless enemies, and they were plentiful. When eventually her size was regained, Theorosa’s memory was left in shambles. She can tell no one the story of her adventures before the shrinking, no how she escaped from that hell.

Lifespan - Theorosa is a human woman in her late thirties, but the magic she practices has advanced well beyond her years. During her time as a tiny creature, this ancient magic was all she had with which to survive and defend herself from the ghastly molecular beasts that threatened her at every turn. Strangely, her experiences in the subatomic realm seem to have youthened her, even while taking away her memories and her sanity. She now has the wide eyes and mannerisms of a child, taking joy in childish things like make believe and dancing in the rain. Those in Beluroc who knew her in her former life wonder if her days will be longer in number, but they have no idea what happened to the sorceress to confuse her in these ways. They also try to tell her of her lost daughter Mimosa, who has been adopted by the Lord of Darkness himself, but Theorosa has no recollection of ever having had a daughter. Theorosa was born nearly forty years ago, and she will certainly die someday, but it is difficult to guess whether she will ever regain her sanity.

Weapon - Theorosa’s weapon is well recognized by every magician of Beluroc. She holds it always as she carelessly skips and gallops through the streets at night whistling and humming to herself and anyone that will listen. Its name is Yunai, and it is one of the oldest known weapons in the world. Yunai was bequeathed to Theorosa on her 19th birthday by her master, the legendary sorceress Nehelda Jro. The ancient sorceress gave the staff to the young apprentice when she became too weak with old age to raise it above her head, as is the Belurocian custom in sorcery. Without Yunai in her hands, Nehelda quickly became even weaker, and within a few weeks she was dead. As part of the honor of carrying this historic and ancient spearstaff, Theorosa alone knew the long story of its past. After losing her memory, she has now completely forgotten the legacy of Yunai, but she still clutches it as a dear treasure. Some part of Theorosa’s memory lives and tells her every day to cherish the weapon, that she will need it someday for an important unknown battle. In the full moonlight of Sardak, the spearstaff shines with a deep and eerie blue, and Theorosa spends the entire night hypnotized by its glow.

Habitat - Theorosa used to have a beautiful home in Beluroc, but when she disappeared a dozen years ago it was repossessed by the Gloridax owners of the land as abandoned. Her friends from the time before have tried to tell her that she could reclaim the house, which is seldom occupied as a short term rental today. To do so she would simply have to prove to the Gloridax that she is Theorosa Nightshade. The name means nothing to her, nor does the house to which the name belongs. Instead, she now calls the streets of Beluroc home. When she grows tired, she lays down and sleeps. When she needs shelter from the rain, she wriggles under a parked wagon or into a merchant’s stall. She is a street dweller of Beluroc.

Diet - Food used to be a special passion for Theorosa Nightshade, but this is another thing that has changed since she returned to Beluroc in her full-sized form. Her demeanor is friendly and loveable, and people offer her food each day, seeing that she must be hungry. She cocks her head sideways and looks at them with a peculiar smile as if she doesn’t understand the act of eating. She has been wandering the streets for several months now, and no one has seen her eat so much as a scrap of bread. Her old sorcery peers (who silently watch her progress) hope that this is some side effect of the spell that still remains with her. They hope that she is not starving herself, and they will try to get her to eat by whatever means are necessary.

Allies - Even if she does not know herself, Theorosa is beloved by the city of Beluroc, whose residents will never forget the battle in which she sacrificed everything to save them all from destruction. Sorcerers have always been highly respected in the living city of Mortis, but Theorosa was turned into a martyr and hero after her disappearance. Now it breaks the collective heart of the city to see her in this fractured state. The dark magic that she uses means that she can be summoned by Battle Mages of the Death Splinter, but she has never held any allegiance to the Lord of Darkness and his Eternals.

Enemies - Theorosa has enemies, and although she does not know them, they have already heard of her return and some of them are making arrangements to pay the sorceress a grim visit. Very few things happen in Mortis without the Lord of Darkness knowing about them, and his Beluroc spies have already delivered him news of Theorosa’s return. The Dark Lord is not eager to give up his champion Summoner, Mimosa, who is Theorosa’s lost daughter. It is difficult for him to say whether the teenage girl would even want to leave his side to be with her mother. He has worked hard to convince the girl that she was abandoned by the neglectful sorceress so many years ago. Now he is aware that Theorosa’s memories is lost, and he will be among the first to hear of it if her memory is regained. The others who want Theorosa’s death are the daughters of Dua, who took up the legacy of the previous generation of witches that Theorosa killed in the duel 12 years ago. These women are practicing and growing in power, waiting impatiently until they are certain that they can destroy Theorosa and take the Yunai spearstaff for themselves.

Pastimes - Theorosa seems to be a completely carefree and playful spirit with no concerns for the past or the future. She skips through the cobblestone streets and makes nonsensical conversation with anyone who crosses her path. She is very trusting of strangers, and without the protection of the city of Beluroc she would be left for dead in the wild. She becomes especially vivacious in the bright light of the moon when it is full, but she also delights in the rain and wind. On stormy nights, she can be heard through closed windows cackling happily as she parades the town.


Cardia's Rebirth: A TCG Story

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The players would come to gather in great and joyous fellowship, playing games and spending hour after hour admiring each other's cards and trading strategies. If perchance they could meet another who desired the same cards and had the right amount of gold in their purse, a player could even sell those cards, using the gold as proceeds to enhance their own collection and giving themselves a chance to be more victorious in the game.

One dark day, digital conquerors came to the land, great corporations that waged war on the enchanted comic book stores and the trading cards they sold. The created digital versions of the same cards that were once physical items, wrapped them in mesmerizing animations, pomp and frills, and set about selling these cards outside the physical realm. They implied that "ownership" of these new digital cards was no different than ownership of the old days, and many of us were fools to believe them.

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