Splinterlands Epic Card Profile - Dragon Spirit

Splinterlands Epic Card Profile - Dragon Spirit

By Chris Roberts | SplinterLore | 9 Apr 2021

Soft are the scales,
Dull are the teeth;
Sad are the tales
Of the spirits beneath.

Dragon Spirit


Splinter - Draykh-Nahka, the Dragon Splinter

Set - Azmare Dice

Class - Non-attacking spectral Dragon

Size - Dragon Spirits can almost always be seen floating above the Dragon capital of Centrum since the creation of the ovum renova spell that caused their existence. They never grow to full-sized Dragons, but instead resemble the serpent form of an underdeveloped Dragon that lives inside an egg before it is hatched. These spirits always develop functional wings, but they never grow beyond the size of a large bird of prey.

Lifespan - Dragon Spirits were created not long ago when Gloridax mages uncovered the secret of an ancient spell called ovum renova. The purpose of this spell in the old times was to preserve some semblance of life from an unhatched Dragon that died before having a chance to be born. The dark reason the spell was hidden away long before the Splintering is that it in effect trapped the soul of the Dragon within the failed egg forever in a spectral form. Now that it is being used again, there are fewer Dragons than ever being successfully born of eggs, and more than ever are being trapped in their spirit forms, which are doomed to circle the skies above Draykh-Nahka devoid of purpose. The Gloridax masters have deemed them useful at least for the sacred Moxian tournaments, seeing value in the Dragon Spirits’ innate abilities to protect themselves from harm.

Habitat - None of the Dragon Spirits have ever strayed past the outer boundaries of the city of Centrum, where they simply circle the skies in increasing numbers. It is assumed that they are more comfortable above crowded areas than they would be above a vast wilderness. The only times that they are spotted outside Draykh-Nahka is when they are summoned in their essence forms to the Moxian tournament grounds in Praetoria. All the Dragon Spirits are merely children, Dragons that never had a chance to be born. They long for someone to take care of them, but no one in this reality knows how to do so.

Weapon - Dragon Spirits have developing teeth, but they are soft and unable to be used in any effective form of attack. Their horns have a frightening look, but they are easily broken if rammed into another creature, making them useless in combat as well. When the spirits fall in essence combat, their screams are so ghastly upon the ears that they are able to cause a small amount of projected damage to the enemy’s team, but beyond that, the Dragon Spirits’ purpose in battle is merely to distract, then to fall. When used correctly by a Battle Mage, the Dragon Spirit is commonly the last monster on the field left alive.

Diet - Dragon Spirits are not technically alive so they have no need for food. The way they swoop and circle in the skies can remind you of the maneuvers of a hawk or eagle searching for prey, but the Dragon Spirits are searching for something else. Perhaps they seek a way out of this purgatory so that they may one day be born into a new egg as Helio intended.

Allies - Dragon Spirits are gentle and trusting to anyone who approaches them in the city of Draykh-Nahka, but they can be found on the ground only rarely. Sometimes they are approached by strangers on the street and offered food, which they always attempt to eat from the hand of the offerer. They are able to chew and swallow the food, but it then falls to the ground, phasing through the spirit flesh and having nowhere else to go. The residents of Draykh-Nahka have given the Dragon Spirits no reason to fear them, and deep down the Spirits know that those are their people.

Enemies - Dragon Spirits despise being called to essence combat, which is why they are so difficult to contain in the arena. Because of repeatedly being called to combat by Battle Mages, the Dragon Spirits remember them forever as enemies.

Pastimes - Sometimes Dragon Spirits descend to the ground level in the city to watch the activities of people with wonder and curiosity. They do not have legs, so when they land they resemble ghostly serpents that slither about on the ground. By night they emit a strange purple glow, similar to that which is given off by a battle mage of the Dragon Splinter as they begin to call on the power of their cards. The Dragon Spirits cannot communicate, but they can make a variety of expressive noises, not unlike a baby of any species.


Cardia's Rebirth: A TCG Story

Once upon a time in the land of Cardia, players of trading card games owned their cards. They saved their gold, then journeyed to enchanted places called comic book stores where they could exchange that gold for shiny packs of cards, some of which contained the rarest collectible gems in the land. Those cards were theirs to treasure and to cherish.

The players would come to gather in great and joyous fellowship, playing games and spending hour after hour admiring each other's cards and trading strategies. If perchance they could meet another who desired the same cards and had the right amount of gold in their purse, a player could even sell those cards, using the gold as proceeds to enhance their own collection and giving themselves a chance to be more victorious in the game.

One dark day, digital conquerors came to the land, great corporations that waged war on the enchanted comic book stores and the trading cards they sold. The created digital versions of the same cards that were once physical items, wrapped them in mesmerizing animations, pomp and frills, and set about selling these cards outside the physical realm. They implied that "ownership" of these new digital cards was no different than ownership of the old days, and many of us were fools to believe them.

One by one, the comic book stores fell as corporations seized power and turned our beloved trading card games into money machines for their boards and CEOs. They made us spend our gold continually on new editions and expansions while piling terms upon us. These terms forbade the trading or selling of the cards, and they boasted the corporation's right to print as many as they'd like, always enhancing their profit and reducing their value. And worst of all, if a player wanted to stop playing a game, they would lose everything for which they had toiled and spent their gold.

Then one day when all hope seemed lost and Cardia was barren and gray, a hero named Splinterlands arrived. Wielding the great sword of blockchain, Splinterlands promised to return ownership and power over digital trading cards to the players. And Splinterlands rode throughout the land, empowering players to own their gaming experience and earn with every win. As more players of Cardia realized the potential of playing to earn, they pledged fealty to the great sword of blockchain. They became free, and in every town and village, these players set out spreading the word. Soon, this revolution would ring out like thunder through the mountains and valleys, and never again would the corporations control our destiny as players.

Join the TCG revolution by learning what it means to truly own your cards with Splinterlands.

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