Splinterlands Epic Summoner Profile - Kretch Tallevor

Splinterlands Epic Summoner Profile - Kretch Tallevor

By Chris Roberts | SplinterLore | 16 Feb 2021

Every Dragon knows
That power comes and goes,
And those that dare oppose,
The power overthrows.

Kretch Tallevor


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Splinter - Draykh Nahka

Set - Reward Edition

Class - Epic Dragon Summoner

Size - Kretch Tallevor stands like a man, but several heads taller than the average human. Compared to his Dragon kin however, he is quite small and often mocked for the way that he walks on two legs and wears human armor. He has always considered himself more of a human than a Dragon, even though he holds many of the physical characteristics of Dragonfolk. Still, he carries a sabre and surrounds himself with unscaled Dragons and humans in a sort of resentment of himself, feeling strongly that no one really understands him.

Lifespan - Kretch is young for a Moxian elevated summoner. His Elevation ceremony came after a mere two years of summoning in the tournaments, which he first entered as a Battle Mage at the age of sixteen, before he had grown to his adult height. Because it is difficult to determine his genetic Dragon roots from his physical appearance, it is completely unknown how long Kretch will live. There is also some concern that because he was egg-born, he will have a greater susceptibility to the dreaded burn that has struck down so many Dragons in their prime in recent years. One indicator, though Kretch’s egg was found and he knows no parents, was how quickly the young Kretch grew from his hatching. He required no nurturing as a baby, and was walking on his own within the first days. This could indicate that he will have a brief life as a Dragon hybrid.

Habitat - Like all Elevated Summoners of Mount Mox, Kretch Tallevor lives in a cloistered section of the arena grounds where he can focus on his sacred duty to lend his summoning powers to Battle Mages from throughout the Splinterlands. Before he began his summoner’s journey to the Moxian grounds, he was a citizen of Centrum, the Draykh-Nahka oasis city. As an egg-born child and a protector of the fire blood, he was entitled to many privileges that humans and Naga were not. He shunned most of these advantages, choosing instead to school with the common human folk of the city, with whom he could always feel superior.

Weapon - The scimitar of Kretch is called Yulisor, and it is the envy of many warriors in the Splinterlands. There are several stories that go around regarding its origin. In the most famous of these, Kretch was walking near the ocean as a youth when he noticed something shiny on the deck of an offshore ship passing by. The bold young Dragon jumped immediately into the sea and took off swimming toward the ship. Most Dragons cannot swim, but Kretch Tallevor is extraordinarily skilled at moving through water. His tail is so strong that he is able to use it to propel his body forward, giving him roughly five times the speed of an avid human swimmer. They say that he caught up with the ship and silently boarded. He then proceeded to throw the captain (who was a notorious Splintral pirate) overboard and claim the scimitar for himself. He then used it to slay several members of the crew, before those that remained acknowledged Kretch as their new captain. He declined the honor, but instead jumped back into the sea and swam all the way back to the Draykh-Nahka shore. Since then, he has never let Yulisor far from his reach.

Diet - Kretch Tallevor enjoys traditional Dragon fare, including meats from every Splinter. Once he found his way to Mount Mox and proved his worth to the Gloridax High Council as a summoner, they began providing for him exotic meats from all over the Splinterlands that he had never tried before. It seems that the reason he was so willing to rise quickly to the status of Elevated was the allure of these meals, which the High Council is able to endlessly provide.

Allies - Kretch Tallevor had several human friends back home in Centrum that he knew better in his school days, but once he became an important summoner for the Dragons, he was no longer permitted to be seen with them. Still, he is able to occasionally leave tournament passes with messages for some of these friends at the common box office outside the tournament grounds. Kretch also made friends with several of the human Battle Mages before they were elevated, especially Lyanna Natura and Alric Stormbringer, who became something of a mentor to the young Dragon summoner.

Enemies - For a reason that is entirely unknown to everyone, Kretch has always disliked Dragons. This has not stopped him from accepting their blessings and summoning for them in the tournaments, and there are many rumors about the reasons for his distrust. Some say that the Dragons have always treated him unfairly because of his friendship with humans. Others believe that Dragons are jealous of his abilities. Still others think that because he doesn’t buy into all their secrets and ways, his true potential cannot be realized. No matter the reason, Kretch clearly dislikes Dragons, especially the grand Gold Dragon who lords over all others.

Pastimes - Before his Elevation led him into the shadows of the arena grounds, Kretch could often be seen in the highest sections of the arena stands, commonly referred to as the nosebleed section. He would spend hours each day there, just watching his peers and conversing with spectators from all over the land. He often got into fights with members of the crowd, but many regular audience members have missed him from the stands since his Elevation. It was always enjoyable for them to spend time with what they saw as a real Dragon, and they hope that he will one day join them again.


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