The Future of Splinterlands Crawl Tournaments

By Chris Roberts | Splinterlands | 2 Jan 2021

As most of our players know, Splinterlands has an amazing internal tournament structure that allows skilled players to consistently earn extra prizes and rewards, no matter their League or Collection Power.


These tournaments are some of the most convenient and intuitive tournaments for real money prizes that the budding Play-to-Earn industry has ever seen. In our revolutionary Anytime Tournament structure, players who have registered can submit the teams for all their battles at their own pace. Players are typically given 24 hours to submit their teams in a time frame that works around their schedule. This aspect has allowed some of even the hardest working people in crypto and development to participate. They are easy to join, but much harder to win.

This tournament system is a thing of beauty that has awarded to date nearly $200,000 in prizes to the players. When you consider how much has also been given back in the forms of things like Daily Quest and Season Rewards, it becomes clear that Splinterlands is a game that knows how to give back to its players.


Crawl Tourneys - Splinterlands eSports

In the interest of expanding Splinterlands into different areas of tournament gaming (big money tournaments, esports championships), we have been gradually introducing a new kind of tournament known as a Crawl. Crawls are just what they sound like; intentionally slow and manually hosted tournaments that are all about the experience over the convenience.

One of the best examples of this work in progress to date has been the New Year's Eve GREAT GALA GALA, sponsored of course by Gala Games, hosted by Splinterlands and Theta.TV


Thousands of dollars of Gala Games prizes were won and an awesome time was had by all involved, but most importantly, this tournament was the most watched tournament event in Splinterlands history. On multiple Theta.TV streams promoted by not only the Theta network, but Gala Games, CryptoStache and Splinterlands marketing, there were never fewer than 100 people watching the live event. This may not seem like such a feat, but in the often difficult-to-understand world of Play-to-Earn, 3-digit live viewership is a sign of incredible things to come.

We (the Splinterlands marketing team) plan to explore the possibilities of this type of tournament further in the year 2021. We are tremendously thankful to the pioneers who have helped us experiment with early (and successful) versions of Crawl tournaments.

Gala Games
Community Gaming
Kenn Bosak
...and more!

Have Something to Give Away?


Splinterlands Crawl tournaments present an incredibly unique and focused opportunity to showcase your own project, brand or game to the Splinterlands community. Here's why:

Easy to Learn - With Splinterlands Bronze League tournaments, it is simple for your community to learn the ropes and join the game in the weeks leading up to your tournament. Players new to Splinterlands can even enter and play without upgrading to the $10 Summoner Spellbooks that allow them to start earning rewards. In the Gala Gala, the Champion of the first event was a player from the Gala Games community who had only been playing Splinterlands for a few weeks, and who managed to beat some of our most seasoned all-stars. With Splinterlands, anyone can win!

We'll Do the Work - We will find and make the connections that are needed to make your tournament a success, from the platform on which it will be streamed, to the perfect hosts with the right experience. All you need to do is provide the prizes and the resources necessary to help us learn everything we need to know about what you are promoting. These tournaments will always work best when they are organized and announced at least one month prior to the event itself.

Joint Hype, Power in Numbers - One of the most powerful forces in this often disconnected world of technology is collaboration. This is why Splinterlands has a strong focus on not only overcoming divisions between blockchains (by accepting dozens of different methods of pay), but forging solid relationships and partnerships with multiple companies that we respect and admire. We are always on the lookout for our next Play-to-Earn partner, and once we find them, we make their success part of our mission to bring play-to-earn to the mainstage of world gaming. Players, collectors and investors are always excited about the announcement of a new partnership, because it signifies substantial forward motion. Remember that scene from Rocky II, where he's running through Philadelphia (the city of brotherly love) and all the kids come out and join him? As more kids join Rocky, the excitement and confidence you are feeling as an audience member grows exponentially.


Gonna fly now!

Limited Entry = More Special Attention - Because these tournaments are manually run in bracket style, entry will always be limited. This allows each and every player to receive specialized attention from the hosts while also increasing each player's chance of winning. Through the magic of FOMO, limited-entry tournaments will always get greater attention in the weeks and days leading up to the event. Once the entry is closed, the spectator experience can then be shared and promoted through special giveaways and games. This assures that everyone who attends the event (not just the players) will have an amazing and rewarding time.

Connection, Fun and Winning - While no one can deny the multi-level value of Splinterlands' Anytime Tournaments, in today's world there is a greater need than ever to hold events in which people can come together to laugh, win, and simply enjoy each other's company.

Make Friends - One of the most valuable gifts that this type of tournament can offer is the opportunity of friendship. This is very different than Facebook friends or Twitter followers. Some of you may remember how easy it used to be to actually make a friend IRL, and sadly, few can deny that the art of making friends has become increasingly rare in the world today. While we cannot always simply run into a person and become friends in person, we can use the connectivity that the last quarter century has created to make real friends all over the world in new and exciting ways. Crawl tournaments are an opportunity for everyone involved to make new friends.

When I (Chris) see the epidemic of loneliness that is festering in the world, it becomes my duty and obligation to make connections, facilitate real  friendships, and to promote honesty and integrity in every way that I can. The plan for Splinterlands Crawls is a manifestation of this vision, and as Splinterlands marketing, we cannot wait to get more people involved in the journey.


If you would like to know more, feel free to reach out to me personally, either using the comments below this Publish0x post or as a direct message on Twitter. You can also send a direct email to Carrie Allen, our Marketing Director at [email protected].

We look forward to meeting you and discussing possibilities for the future!

As always, see you on the Splinterlands battlefield, and we look forward to growing together for many years to come!

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