The Great Gala Gala Splinterlands Tourney - Meet Your Hosts!

By Chris Roberts | Non-Fungible Stew | 30 Dec 2020

Hi everybody! This is just a quick post to give you a little sneak peak at some of the epic awesomeness that is the Great Gala Gala, a new kind of Splinterlands tournament! Not only will tons of prizes be given away by Gala Games and Splinterlands, but it's gonna be one helluva party!


First, anyone can play in this Bronze League Splinterlands tournament. Essentially, all you have to have is a computer and nothing better to do. Since most of the world will be abstaining from those New Year's bashes whose notorious hangovers we have all come to dread, we'll be partying Splinterlands style with some of your coolest play-to-earn friends (myself included).



This event will be exclusively broadcast by the Theta Network on Theta.TV. For both events, you'll find two streams covering the entire shabang. First, our play-to-earn pal and everyone's favorite mustachio, CryptoStache will be streaming both events. Stache is very familiar with Splinterlands, having streamed the game several times on his Thursday Secret Agent Stache missions. We know that he LOVES our community, who always shows up to show him a great and enthusiastic time. We figure they'll be more rambunctious than ever, especially cooped up on a New Year's eve! Stache is a veteran streamer who really knows his stuff, and to make things even better, he'll be giving away over $100 in Splinterlands prizes at EACH EVENT! We're stoked to have him in our corner doing play-by-play for this unique Crawl tourney celebration!

CryptoStache on

Bitbender - CMO of Gala Games

Next, we'll have the official Gala Games channel, also streaming live on Theta.TV, led by their Chief Marketing Officer and viking hero Jason "Bitbender" Brink! This is one dude that knows how to host a party, and we have convinced him to take time from his busy and important schedule of bringing Play-to-Earn to the world mainstage to help us create and host this awesome party! If you don't come, I'm not saying he will strike you down with magical fury, but I'm pretty sure he has that power.

Gala Games on

Chris and Carrie

Finally, it's me and the lovely Carrie Allen! I'm the Director of Content with Splinterlands and she is the Director of Marketing! We both grew up performing. We used to run an interactive radio sketch comedy show on MSP-Waves Radio called The Playhouse, where we would ask the audience to participate in hilarious cold readings of my many sketch comedy serials. We also produced dozens of episodes of an early Splinterlands sitcom you may remember - The Steem Monsters Tavern, and a sci-fi melodrama called Space Carrie's Adventures in Space! We know a little something about entertainment, and we hope that you'll join us on New Year's eve to share a little Splinterlands cheer and a lot of laughing!



This name takes us back to the earliest days of Splinterlands, before the internal tournament system when all tournaments were manually run. Because we have received a lot of feedback from players asking for a return of these Crawl tournaments, we're bringing Challonge back to power this one! They have also come a long way in the past two years, and they are the perfect place for registering and bracketing an esports tournament like the Gala Gala. 

You'll find all the details of the tournament at the Challonge registration page, and you'll need to create an account there to play in the Great Gala Gala.

Check out the tournament HERE!


The interactive hub for the Gala Gala will be in the Gala Games Discord Community, which can be joined at GalaGames.Chat.

This is where players will check in, and where battle links will be shared once they are completed. There will also be trivia, prizes, challenges and games galore - Chris, Carrie and Jason will be giving away even MORE prizes in the Discord, so it's another important place for you to be during the event. Make sure your mics are ready to go so you can take part in the epic Splinterlands talent show, in which we'll ask for your best rendition of the Splinterlands Theme Song! You know the one! ;)

In addition to all the prizes available for being there, we'll be offering special prizes for our proof-of-share contest! Keep an eye out for these contests in the two days remaining as we prepare for the event. You'll have chances to win special prizes just for sharing in certain specific ways on social media, like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram and more!

Brush up on your Splinterlands and Gala trivia knowledge! We're talking about information from Mirandus articles, obscure rules of Townstar, questions from Splinterlore character profiles... Nothing is off the table here, so come with your thinking caps on!


Here are a few epic video ads to enjoy and share!

The Great Gala Gala: An Epic Battle in the Splinterlands

EVENT 1 - 5am UTC on December 31st

EVENT 2 - 8pm UTC on December 31st


The #Splinterstar Challenge - Can you play both at once? Prove it!

See you at the Gala Gala!

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Chris Roberts

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