Splinterlands: How To Start Earning Rewards

By Chris Roberts | Splinterlands | 9 Jun 2020

I must get something off of my chest,
With which I am fairly obsessed:
I can’t start the day,
Before Splinterlands play,
So crucial is my Daily Quest.


At Splinterlands, our players know how rewarding the game can be.


If you're looking for success stories, you can find plenty from our players at in the #Splinterlands trending section or on Every day they're raking in the rewards. They keep coming back to Splinterlands not only for the tight, fast-paced drafting gameplay that they love, but the rewards upon rewards that they have come to crave.

How To Get Rewarded in Splinterlands

You can create a free account and battle to your heart's content, learning the ins and outs of the rulesets and abilities, deciding which Summoners to use, even rising in the ranks, but the true potential for limitless rewards will not be unlocked until...

With this $10 account upgrade, you'll earn rewards forever..

...You have purchased the "Summoner's Spellbook" Upgrade for 10 USD.

The Steps to Earning Rewards

1. Purchase the Summoner's Spellbook Upgrade.
2. Play the Game.

(those are the only 2)

Why Spend Ten?

Once you have purchased the Summoner's Spellbook, not only will you be able to complete Quests for daily rewards and earn Dark Energy Crystals with every single win, but you will also gain access to Tournaments and End-of-Season Rewards. You will also be able to make transactions on the HIVE blockchain, allowing you to buy and sell cards on the market and much more.


Another way of looking at this is that the free version of Splinterlands is a limited trial version. It allows you to learn the rules, play the game and get involved with the community. But Splinterlands is not meant to be played this way forever. Only when the Upgrade has been made and the power to earn rewards has been unlocked can a player truly enjoy everything this wonderful game has to offer.

Yet another way of looking at it is that in Splinterlands, our system of rewards is so incredible that it is not possible to allow free access to it. By charging $10 for a product that allows you to earn rewards for life, we are able to curb many types of possible abuse.

Visit THIS POST for a detailed rundown of all the ways in which you can be rewarded for playing Splinterlands, trading Splinterlands cards and interacting with the Splinterlands community. There is a multitude of them. And all you need to do to get started earning rewards today is purchase the Summoner Spellbook for the price of a few cups of coffee.


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Chris Roberts
Chris Roberts

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Splinterlands is a collectible trading card game built on blockchain technology. In Splinterlands, you can OWN your cards in a way you never thought possible. You can earn for playing, trade as much as you want on the market with no gas costs, even lease out the cards you're not using for some residual scratch. Get in the game at

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