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The Nitty Gritty of Splinterlands Rewards

By Chris Roberts | Splinterlands | 6 Jun 2020

You may have heard that Splinterlands is a rewarding game, but do you know all the ways to make the most of those rewards? Even some of our most dedicated players overlook (or simply never notice) some aspects of Splinterlands rewards.

In Splinterlands, if rewards are truly maximized, earning potential is simply amazing. Depending on a player’s dedication, big-picture strategy and all around cleverness, a one-time account upgrade of ten bucks can set them up for a real-life residual income. That’s money making money.

The key to getting the most out of Splinterlands that you can (both in terms of rewards and joy, which is also important) is playing every aspect of the game. The game is more than the battles, and the battles are more than the Daily Quests, seasons or Tournaments. A player must also work the market, for example, as often as they can, selling cards they don’t use and purchasing ones that are either “underpriced”, useful to play with, or both. Occasionally the smartest course of action for the same player may be to rent a high-level card through the Rental Market at

The true strategic player also participates in multiple giveaways and contests each week, as many team and community members are always giving away prizes. Plus, thanks to the HIVE blockchain, you can be rewarded in cryptocurrency for sharing (Splinterlands) content. Each week, the @Splinterlands official HIVE account awards several hundred dollars in upvotes through manual curation.

There are many ways to earn rewards with Splinterlands. They are listed, detailed and explained below.


Daily Quests

For most players, the Daily Quest is the core of their Splinterlands rewards. Every 24 hours, each player may complete a challenge. Most Daily Quests involve winning five battles with a certain Splinter. The following are the Daily Quests currently in rotation:

Win 5 ranked battles with the Earth Splinter
Win 5 ranked battles with the Fire Splinter
Win 5 ranked battles with the Life Splinter
Win 5 ranked battles with the Dragon Splinter
Win 5 ranked battles with the Death Splinter
Win 5 ranked battles with the Water Splinter
Win 3 ranked battles with no Neutral monsters


If a Quest isn’t going so well or a player is not equipped, they get one chance in each 24 hour period to start a new Quest, giving up on the previous one. While League rankings do not count toward completion of Daily Quests, players must take care that they do not drop too many Leagues in order to complete a single Daily Quest. A balance must be struck.

The rewards for each Daily Quest depend on the League of the player at the time of the Quest’s completion. Even if all of the five battles were fought in Diamond and only the fifth and final victory pushes you over the brink of Champion, you may reap Champion rewards.

What's in a Loot Chest?


Loot Chests can contain four different types of reward: Potions, Dark Energy Crystals, Cards, and Essence Orbs.

Potions - 33% Chance in each Loot Chest


Potions from Loot Chests come in 2 forms: Legendary (doubles Legendary card chance) and Alchemy (doubles Gold Foil card chance). Potions can be set to automatically deactivate on Reward edition cards so you can save them for the booster pack openings.

Dark Energy Crystals - 33% Chance in each Loot Chest


Just like when flipping cards, the potential Dark Energy Crystal rewards are huge. The same way that each card has a certain low-percentage chance of being Legendary or Gold Foil, each Loot Chest that contains Dark Energy Crystals can contain widely varying amounts. Some Loot Chests contain less than 10 Dark Energy Crystals, while some contain many thousands.

Reward Cards - 33% Chance in each Loot Chest


The Reward Edition is a special set of Splinterlands cards that can only be earned through playing, after which they will also be available on the p2p Monster Market. Like cards from the Core Set, Reward cards have limited “print runs.” When the supply of a current Reward card runs out, a new Reward card comes in to take its place, a fact that has made some of the Reward cards (Lord Arianthus, I’m looking at you) some of the biggest value gainers over the last year. Of course, each card flipped from a Loot Chests has the same chance of being Gold Foil or Legendary as any other card opening (doubled if potions are used).

Essence Orbs - 1% Chance in each Loot Chest

Each Essence Orb costs 25% more than a Booster Pack!

Essence Orbs are special edition booster packs that contain a smaller set of monsters. These Orbs are sold in the Shop for a slightly higher price than Untamed Booster Packs.

Season Rewards

Every active player in Splinterlands looks forward to season rewards. Every 15 days, a huge mass of Loot Chests is dropped onto the players depending on the highest rank they achieved that season. Eac player’s placement in the next season is dependent on the score at which they finished the season.

Here is the breakdown of how rewards are distributed for both Daily Quests and Season Rewards:


In addition to the above rewards, which every player receives, the top players battle furiously each season for their share of the Leader Rewards. Why is the competition so fierce? You can see below.

100 Untamed Boosters for 1st Place!

Do you Have What it Takes to Make the Leaderboard?

Earn Dark Energy Crystals with Every Win

With every win on the Splinterlands battlefield, Dark Energy Crystals are awarded based on several variables, some of which can be controlled by the player, and some cannot. These are the factors that can help players guess how much Dark Energy will be won in a victory.

1. Total Number of Players Battling - Since there is always a finite pool of Dark Energy Crystals being generated by the game, the amount earned by each player always depends on the total number of players sharing in the reward.

2. Dark Energy Capture Rate - Each player has a Dark Energy Capture Rate that can be found in the top right corner of the game near the Profile area. Basically, when you capture your percentage goes down slightly, earning you less DEC with the next battle, but recharging quickly. To earn the greatest DEC, it is best to stay above 80% Capture Rate.

3. Use of Gold Foil or Alpha Cards - For every Gold Foil or Alpha card used on a players team, a +10% Dark Energy Crystal bonus is awarded on a win. This bonus can be used more than once per battle.

4. Win Streak - When a win streak begins at 3 wins in a row, you get a 5% DEC bonus per win until you break the streak, with a bonus cap at 50%.

Burning Cards for Dark Energy Crystals

Each card can always be burned for Dark Energy Crystals, removing it forever from the total supply and increasing scarcity of the remaining cards. The values of Dark Energy Crystals gained for burning a card vary based on Set, Rarity, Foil, and BCX (Base Card eXperience), and they are always the same.

300 DEC for 1 Card!

Since cards and credits can both be bought through Splinterlands with Dark Energy Crystals, burning cards is often a player’s best option for quick liquefaction. The burn value also establishes a sort of floor value for each card that it will rarely go below, because if it does, many collectors burn them instead.

Splinterlands Affiliate Link

With every Splinterlands account comes the ability (with basically unlimited potential) to build residual income from simply referring new users to the game. For each player that signs up using your affiliate link, you will earn 5% of their purchases of Summoner Spellbooks and Booster Packs.


While at first this may seem small, it should be considered that this is a “for life” commission, and also that some early adopters have spent large sums of money on these Booster Packs. Many buy them by the hundred, and some even buy them to resell on secondary markets like Hive-Engine. If a player refers a new user today and that new user spends $5000 on Booster Packs from Splinterlands, the referrer earns $250. Just like that.

Affiliate programs such as this create a beautiful synergy. What’s good for you is good for Splinterlands, and what’s good for Splinterlands is good for all of us.

Tournaments, Contests and Giveaways

Because of the NFT nature of the cards and the advantages of instant and free transactions, Splinterlands has always been a community rich in giving. We are continuously overwhelmed by the generosity of our players and supporters, who set the bar extremely high.

Splinterlands is proud to have given out nearly $120,000 in sponsored tournament prize money to its players, and we’re excited to see how much that number can grow in the future. With the recent addition of Anytime Tournaments, now more players than ever can get in on the Tournament action. No matter the depth of your collection or your level of play, there is always a tournament for you.

Sponsored Contests

Since the very beginning, Splinterlands has hosted several more creative-style contests in the HIVE community. Several of them are listed below, with links so that you can get involved.

SHARE-YOUR-BATTLE Weekly Challenge

Splinterlands Trivia Challenge

Telegram Live Trivia Contest

Splinterlands Art Contest

Weekly Social Media Curation Challenge

SplinterLore on Twitter - Frequent Giveaways

There are also impromptu giveaways in the Splinterlands Discord several times most days. Many of these are thrown together by community members who are feeling generous after a lucky pack pull. It’s just another example of how our community is the one of the absolute best in gaming!


Posting Content on HIVE

Splinterlands is built on a blockchain that rewards users for creating content. Splinterlands is just one example; you are rewarded for playing the game and winning. If you add the gameplay of Splinterlands to’s ability to reward the creators and curators of any content in cryptocurrency, the rewards become even greater.

Splinterlands is able to award upvotes to the creators of Splinterlands-related content, as are the members of the community. This allows us to reward people for helping us spread the word about Splinterlands, while at the same time contributing to a healthy, decentralized blockchain ecosystem.

If you play Splinterlands, you already have a HIVE account. You just need to start posting. What are you waiting for? Share your battles. Write articles. Tell everyone everything they can’t seem to understand about strategy. There is a lot to know, and HIVE is waiting for you to share it.

Selling Cards

Let’s be honest. Of course we would rather see you all hold onto these cards and play with them, but we want your card-selling experience to be just as enjoyable (and hopefully profitable) as any aspect of Splinterlands. That’s why we created such a smooth and active NFT market. Trading card games have always had the problem of leaving ex-players “holding bags” of assets that they have no simple way of selling. Splinterlands is changing all that.


Renting Cards

If a player has a large collection of cards but no time to play, they can always list all their cards for sale, but suppose they are the FOMO type. Maybe they’d like to keep their cards, but delegate them to another player for a fee. This would ensure that they retained ownership of the NFTs, but they could also collect small daily fees for allowing some else to play with their cards.

None of this is theoretical. It’s all possible, and currently happening, thanks to Players can list cards not only for sale, but for rent, setting themselves up for yet another form of residual income. even has a bid market, where cards can be sold instantly for whatever the highest bidder is willing to pay.

See You on the Battlefield!

We hope this article has been helpful about different ways to earn rewards with Splinterlands. You can count on us to keep you informed about any updates or changes, and how to maximize your rewards.

Share in the comments one of your most successful reward stories with Splinterlands for a chance to win an Untamed Booster Pack!


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