Stakenet Dev October Update

Stakenet Dev October Update

By SolarEclipse | SolarEclipse | 18 Oct 2020

Since my last post about this very exciting project, some goals on the roadmap have been implemented. This time Devs have not only worked on the Lightning-DEX, but also on the backend within the core wallet.

Core Wallet

The Dev-Team has released a new core wallet version 1.0.22 which is a mandatory wallet update and the project with its community has successfully hardforked on the 8th of October.

At the date of writing, Devs have already released some bugfix-releases and the newest version of the core wallet is now at version 1.0.25, which allows having TPoS-Contracts with 0% fees. These updates focus on TPoS and Masternode stability improvements and the much-awaited TPoS (Trustless Proof of Stake) signature update that will allow staking offline from a hardware device.

Finally, it is possible to stake XSN on Trezor and Ledger Devices!! This will allow users to begin securing and managing their funds with the XSN-Wallet safely and securely. It will also allow XSN cold staking & storing MN collateral using the light wallet.

MCLW (Multi Currency Lightning Wallet)

With the update to version, the Devs have implemented lnd 0.11 into the MCLW. Lnd 0.11 is a security update for the Lightning-Network which allows now private channels. All channels opened to the HUB will now do so with the private flag, allowing for greater privacy and security for all users. Learn more about what lnd 11 brings from the lightning labs github here.

For the next release, Devs have defined the following three targets.

1. Building a simple exchange UI that auto opens, rents, manages channels, and executes trades for the user. This is needed for a wide market reach, consider uniswap’s success as it proved you do not need a traditional trading interface. Especially with our 2nd layer channel logic, this feature will be useful to “hide” these steps for the user

2. Adding ETH Support

At the moment we have integrated ETH private keys and can receive, are developing the backend for it to read tx’s and send coins out

3. Adding ETH to the DEX | Once #2 is complete we will integrate appropriate API’s and begin ETH & ERC-20 token swaps

#1 and #2 are being developed now, and will begin with community testing soon. Once #2 is complete it will lead into #3. We aim for completion of all 3 in the coming months

Here you can see a preview of the upcoming simple swap UI, which will be available with DEX version With this simple swap UI, Stakenet will bring Lightning-Network-Technology to every kind of user: Instant, private and almost feeless Lightning swaps, executed with one click.

Simple Swap UI

For more information, updates and news you can follow Stakenet on Twitter or join the Stakenet Discord.

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