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Your Ultimate Guide to the World of NFTs! Chapter 13. The Uplift World + Giveaway! A Let’s Simplify Things! Posts Series

By DrYunani | Simplify | 9 Mar 2021

A warm welcome to another Let’s Simplify Things! post!

In this series of posts about NFTs I’m attempting to provide you all the information you need to enter the wonderful world of NFTs.

If you have missed the previous chapters you can find the links at the end of the post, I strongly suggest you go and read them!




The Uplift World.




In lucky post number 13 I would like to present to you what I believe has the potential to change the NFT games space!

I’m sure that many of you just by looking at the above picture will have already recognised the familiar sight of Minecraft.

And rightfully so, as Minecraft is one of the most popular games ever created, with more than 126 million active players! 

Yes you read right that is 126 MILLION!

You of course going to ask me now what does Uplift has to do with Minecraft?

A lot actually as they have brought the NFT space into Minecraft in a unique triple win way!


You see the Uplift World is part of the Uplift family which I’m sure you know from Uplift Art!

So it incorporates the already proven successful triple win, in this case win for the player, win for Uplift and win for society!  

I don’t think I need to explain the win for uplift part, so let us focus on the other two…


Let us start from the players and let us focus on the financial benefits as the fun part of playing Minecraft is a given and there is no need to explain it. 

You have two categories, the land owners and the visitors.

For both the possibilities to financial winnings are endless due to the way this metaverse is constructed, so let us see some of them.

Both the land owners and the visitors will win WAX just by visiting a plot.

And that by itself is huge! 

You going to just by having fun, playing a great game, win real money!


For this purpose the Uplift World team has created the rewards pool with the aim to start it with two million WAX .

They have secured a one million WAX donation for the pool and are raising another one million by selling special NFTs.

For more information on that sale please visit the race to one million page by clicking here!

And when I said special they are not just because of the art and who made those NFTs but because the owners of those NFTs will have special benefits.

To find what those benefits are going to be please visit the Uplift World website by clicking here.

I can also tell you that some of the benefits have not yet been announced and when they will the owners of those NFTs will be very happy indeed! 


The land owners also have the potential to win from advertisement.

They can either advertise their own project or company or win money for hosting an advertisement for another entity.

How they can do that you might wonder?

Well as you can see from the picture above, working QR codes can be build. 


Or have giant billboards and/or QR codes build, that can also be seen from the satellite view.

Perhaps by hosting promotional events in their plots.

The limit is your imagination… 

Oh and by the way by clicking here you can already see the live satellite view!

So why not visit and see from above what the various communities that are already in the game are constructing???


I know that many of the communities are planning to host various events in the Uplift World. 

So anyone in the game will have the opportunity to win a wide variety of prizes 


 Have a look at the number of great communities already in the game.

I haven’t seen so much positive energy around any other project! 

That makes me confident enough to say that I expect it to become the golden standard when it comes to blockchain games.

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And now I come to what I feel is the most important part of the Uplift triple win.

The win for society!

This project being part of the Uplift family also contributes to the donations pool. 

And for this year the goal is to build a school for children in Haiti! 

You can read all about it by visiting clicking here.

I don’t think more is needed to be said about how important it is to help children! 

So by participating in the game as well as in the various events you will be also doing a great good for underprivileged children! 


The article was planned to be posted before the start of the Alpha sale, but unforeseen circumstances forced me to delay it. 

The good news is that the alpha sale is continuing this Friday the 12th of March 2021. 

Based on my experience with plot sales from other projects and the prospects of Uplift World and most importantly from the rail plots getting sold out very fast ( the 10x packs in less than a minute !!! ) I expect those plots to also quickly be bought. 

So if you are interested, visit the website, learn all about it and get ready!






The Uplift family has kindly donated 12 Genesis Level 1 NFTs for this giveaway!!!

All you have to do is to:

  1. Follow this blog.
  2. Like this post.
  3. Leave a comment with your WAX address and why not tag a friend! (The tag is not a must!)

Make sure you follow, like and leave your comment by Friday the 12th of March 2021 and 13:00 CET 

PS: 1 Genesis NFT card per winner! No multiple entries!

And here is another exclusive….

By clicking here you can join the Discord server of the Uplift World!

This is the first time an invitation link is published!!!

And it is a something you should do, as all the participating communities are in there and you will be able to get all sorts of goodies!

Hint: The communities are streaming live while they build ;-) 

Don’t you want to be one of the first to see what is being constructed???



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Finally, before saying goodbye, I want to let everyone know that I have no sponsors, this post is not sponsored by anyone whatsoever, so those tips go a long way!

And although it contains a giveaway I would have written the exact same things regardless!

The above reflect my personal views and by no means should be taken as a recommendation to use or not use any service or equipment whatsoever!

Please feel free to make any suggestions or comments especially on what you would like to see next being simplified!

Until the next post….

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!


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