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Your Ultimate Guide to the World of NFTs! Chapter 5. Periodic Table Elements + Giveaway! A Let's Simplify Things! Posts Series

By DrYunani | Simplify | 18 Dec 2020

A warm welcome to another Let’s Simplify Things! post!

In this series of posts about NFTs I’m attempting to provide you all the information you need to enter the wonderful world of NFTs.

If you have missed the previous chapters you can find the links at the end of the post, I strongly suggest you go and read them!



Periodic Table Elements.



The past couple of weeks I have been trying to figure out how I should present to you this very special project.

You see the vast majority of the projects have a cartoony / game inspired element making it more straightforward to simplify them and present them to you.

The challenge with Periodic Table Elements is that the project its self is so simple and straightforward there is nothing to really simplify!

So I decided to just give you a sentence that captures the value of this fantastic project and following provide you with the information you need to know.

Periodic Table Elements is indeed an educational tool for the new generation!


You see the aim of the creators of Periodic Table Elements has from day one been to raise awareness of the chemical elements in a modern way.

They have started by creating NFTs of the various periodic table elements paving the way to the next step which is to be able to learn, in a playful way, what happens by combining the various elements.

Day after day you can collect the various single elements that make up the table but not only that!


You can also collect curiosities that provide you with extra information and fun facts, like the one above that features Lavoisier.

A fun fact I learned from this NFT is that Lavoisier is most noted for his discovery of the role oxygen plays in combustion. 

Something I’m sure all engine enthusiasts are grateful for!

So far the following NFTs have been released:


Elements released

  • #1 Hydrogen (max supply 200)
  • #2 Helium (max supply 200)
  • #3 Lithium (max supply 200)
  • #4 Beryllium (max supply 99)
  • #5 Boron (max supply 99)
  • #6 Carbon (max supply 200)
  • #7 Nitrogen (max supply 200)
  • #8 Oxygen (max supply 299)
  • #9 Fluorine (max supply 149)
  • #10 Neon (max supply 200)
  • #11 Sodium (max supply 299)
  • #12 Magnesium (max supply 99)
  • #13 Aluminiun (max supply 299)
  • #14 Silicon (max supply 200)
  • #15 Phosphorus (max supply 200)
  • #16 Sulfur (max supply 200)
  • #17 Chlorine (max supply 299)
  • #18 Argon (max supply 149)
  • #19 Potassium (max supply 249)
  • #20 Calcium (max supply 200)
  • #21 Scandium (max supply 99)
  • #22 Titanium (max supply 200)
  • #23 Vanadium (max supply 149)


Molecule released

  • H2O — Water (max supply 37)
  • NaCl — Salt (max supply 64)
  • CaC2 — Calcium carbide (max supply 46)



Curiosities released

  • Lavoisier (max supply 149)
  • Happy New Year (max supply 99)

Coming to the rarity levels the team has cleverly connected the rarity of each card with the rarity of the element it represents!

And in order to create and get the molecules you don’t need to burn the 2 or 3 cards needed as the team does not like cards to be burned!

So you can use the same cards to create the various molecules and take part to the various fantastic soon to come “things” I’m not allowed to talk about! ;-)


You can obtain the cards either, by participating in the giveaways the team is running regularly here in Publish0x, or head to the marketplace and buy them there.

I strongly suggest to go and grab these cards A.S.A.P. as I truly believe they are currently strongly undervalued! 

To read all about the marketplace please head to Chapter 2 of this series.

And as always all links are available at the end of the post!





This post is also very unique as I have be given the honour to present to you the next chemical element of the series which is none other than Chromium.

Trying not to mess this up I had to go and dig up my old school books…

I know.. I know… I could have used the all knowing Google but I wanted to feel a bit like a kid again… 

So fingers crossed here it goes…

Chromium is a chemical element with the symbol Cr and atomic number 24.

It is a hard and brittle transition metal of steely-grey lustrous colour.

The name of this element derives from the Greek word chroma which means colour because many chromium compounds are intensely coloured!

Polished chromium reflects almost 70% of the visible spectrum, with almost 90% of the infrared light being reflected.

Chromium has extreme anti-corrosive properties and has a high hardness value.

It is used in the steel industry to create stainless steel and for surface coating.

The largest reserves are in South Africa and Kazakstan with some also found in India, Russia and Turkey!

I hope my attempt covers the basic facts of Chromium.

I’m sure the experts from the Periodic Table Elements team will soon publish a more detailed post about Chromium! 




I told you this post is unique, as the Periodic Table Elements team has also kindly donated 70 cards, yes that is correct! 70 cards to be given away right here in this post!

All you have to do is to:

  1. Follow this blog.
  2. Like this post.
  3. Leave a comment with your WAX address

Visiting and exploring the Periodic Table Elements blog also helps ;-)

Make sure you follow, like and leave your comment by Tuesday the 22nd of December 2020 at 23:59 CET!

20 cards will be given to the first 20 comments!

50 cards will be randomly given among the rest of the comments!

There is also a very special give away for the New Year being held by the Periodic Elements Team at the official blog (click here).

Good luck to all of you!

And a HUGE THANK YOU to the Geniuses of the Periodic Table Elements team!


Don’t forget to click the follow and like buttons and tip!

You will not only help this blog but you will also ensure that you don’t miss the exciting upcoming posts!

Finally, before saying goodbye, I want to let everyone know that I have no sponsors, this post is not sponsored by anyone whatsoever, so those tips go a long way!

And although it contains a giveaway I would have written the exact same things regardless!

The above reflect my personal views and by no means should be taken as a recommendation to use or not use any service or equipment whatsoever!

Please feel free to make any suggestions or comments especially on what you would like to see next being simplified!

Until the next post….

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

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