CORRECTION NOTICE: RollerCoin Mining Rates

So, remember in my quadradoge week article when I said I wasn't a mathematician and my numbers might be wrong?


Well, my math skills are totally fine (as far as I'm currently aware), but it turns out that there was a major error in the way my spreadsheet has been tallying the digits that has gone undetected until just yesterday. I'll be correcting and adding alerts to every article that has been affected... which is basically everything since the introduction of MATIC.


What Happened?

Before the introduction of MATIC to the RollerCoin mining possibles, I had a nice spreadsheet that I wrote about in multiple articles and everything worked fine.

Then some new mineables were added, and I added them to the spreadsheet, thinking everything was still fine.

Unbeknownst to me, the formula in the cell that was supposed to calculate the MATIC block reward rate for 500TH/s of power was wrong. Instead of referencing the cell that held the total block reward's RLT conversion value for MATIC, it was referencing the cell that held the price per 1 RLT for DOGE.

So for example, in the screenshot below, instead of calculating what 0.0116306% of "$4.65 RollerTokens" would be, it is actually calculating the value of 0.0116306% of 7.4266 DOGE. Correctly calculated, the MATIC cell here should say "0.000541," and the darkest green should be on RLT, then ETH, with MATIC in 3rd.





Why did it happen?

Perhaps when I added a column to the table to put the tokens in order the reference cell got shifted? Perhaps when setting up the column of calculations I hit "tab" instead of "enter," or vice-versa? Perhaps when I used the "fill" function to populate adjacent cells with adjacent-cell-referencing formulas it chose a different adjacent cell than I was expecting?

In any case, it happened and persisted because I failed to double-check the cell's contents before relying on it.

What effect has this had?

In some weeks, the DOGE price-per-RLT rate was higher than the MATIC total block reward value, and the benefit of mining MATIC was overstated.

In some weeks, the MATIC total block reward value was actually higher than the DOGE price-per-RLT rate, in which case mining MATIC would have been more profitable than I stated. There were far fewer of latter kind than of the former.

Bonus Effect:

I feel like an idiot for being so wrong for so long, and my level of affection for MATIC has taken a blow.


What am I doing to fix it?

Since I can't turn back time, the best I can do at this point is to edit all the articles that were affected to indicate that the data was wrong for that cell, and what the rate should have been based on a proper calculation.

I'll add this notice to affected articles near the screenshot of the rates, with an adjusted rate:


The data in this article has been inaccurately represented due to a human reference error.

The actual rate for MATIC at this time was [_______], and I should have been mining [______]. 

Please see the Correction Notice for more details.

Which articles are affected?

So what are today's ACUTAL RATES?



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