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The data in this article has been inaccurately represented due to a human reference error.

The actual rate for MATIC at this time was 0.000427, and I should have been mining RLT. 

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It's MATIC mining week... Again!


I find it interesting and hilarious that even though DOGE is a well-known Musk-beloved coin, it is never worth mining, and only ever "keeps up" with the block reward rate of the other available currencies when it is multiplied by four. FOUR.

I've been asked to run the analysis that I first described during the original 4x DOGE week periodically because the asker was tired of mining MATIC, but these days it's always most beneficial to mine MATIC on RollerCoin. How could you get tired of making a profit??


So here's the plan:

Phase 1: Mine MATIC

Personally this means 100% of my power is set to mining MATIC, but if you like having diversity for diversity's sake, you do you.

Play as many games as you feel. Get as much power as you can. Benefit from the drops, miners, events, etc. Now that the Season 3 100-games-a-day expectation has completed, I'll be much more likely to actually play. It's not that I didn't want to participate in the event, just that I tend keep a calculation of how far I can go in an event like this in mind, and when I realized I wasn't even going to get to the Golden Tree Trophy it was a bit of a let down.

Why do I want the verdammt tree? I don't know why, I just fucking do. It's not an NFT, nobody will ever see it other than me, it doesn't give me any extra power, it doesn't serve as a record of participating in this event, and there is no use for it at all. But, ugh. It's so discouraging to grind grind grind and not even get to the tree. I stopped doing the 100 once I reached the last free reward I'd be able to achieve based on the number of points I could get from daily check-ins, social media link clicks, the two 15-play games, and the 100-per-day. Finishing a 30-level event at level 13 because you don't have the extra liquid funds to splash is not very encouraging. At least with the first two seasons I could get to all the levels, even if I didn't get most of the rewards.

I've also noticed that the drops you sometimes get from the end of games are more likely to drop the RollerArc S1 miner once you've played them up over level 6. 

Stockpile MATIC, regardless of whether you actually like MATIC.

Phase 2: Exchange your MATIC for RLT

Since you can only buy miners in RLT, the exchange rate factor is part of how I decide which of the available coins is the most worth mining. In my original article on this topic, I standardized the block reward to display each currency's reward in how many RLT it would buy. In a subsequent post, I discussed how this factor impacts the moment-to-moment fluctuations of which is the most profitable to mine.


The amount of BTC/ETH/BNB/MATIC/DOGE that it takes to buy 1RLT changes as the real-life market price of those coins fluctuate.

For example, sometimes it takes ~5 DOGE to buy 1RLT, but as I'm writing this that 1RLT costs over 7 DOGE.

If you're mining DOGE at a constant rate that enables you to have 1 DOGE every day, it will take you 2 extra days to mine that 2 extra DOGE.

You're not worried about MATIC losing value?

Since my calculation already takes standardization into account, every moment that MATIC is the greenest green on my spreadsheet means that I'm also getting the best exchange deal. That 0.000709 is how many RLT I'd get if I exchanged one block reward's worth of MATIC (for each 500th/s I have dedicated to mining MATIC). If I can either get 0.000709RLT per block by mining MATIC, or 0.000579RLT by mining RLT, clearly the exchange rate is still good.

And it was good last time I wrote about this.

And the time before that, and though I seem to have gotten tired of writing about it every time it is still MATIC, it has been profitable every time I have checked since they added it to the network.

So it looks pretty good to me, and I think it'll stay good.

Phase 3: Profit

Once you have your RLT you can obviously buy miners and increase your steady power and mine more MATIC and buy more RLT to get more miners...

But since the endgame here is transferring out of the RollerCoin ecosystem, it's important to recognize two things:

  • MATIC is totally worth having outside of RollerCoin as well. The Polygon Network is doing some exciting things, and the MATIC Token is the native staking and governance token. As the site says, MATIC can be used across "hundreds" of dApps in the Polygon ecosystem. This means that once RollerCoin enables withdrawals of MATIC I could take the tokens I mine on RC to and use them to buy powerups and NFTs. 
  • The price of 1 RLT is supposed to equal $1USD (I say "supposed to" because 1RLT costs ~$1.17USD in actuality... see the "normal baseline" section of this article for more on this). If mining MATIC earns me more RLT per block, that means it is worth more USD per block. This is currently, and has been since its addition to the game, the most powerful way to earn on RollerCoin hands down.

So why aren't more people mining MATIC?

Part of the equation making MATIC so profitable for me and anyone else who is mining it is the sheer lack of people mining it. A goodly portion of the RollerCoin Total Network Power is always dedicated to mining RLT, and I totally get that. Today over 30% of he network power is dedicated to RLT. A good portion mine BTC, and I get that too. 20% is about normal.

But also, a large portion of the network (18% today) change their power to align with the week's highlighted token. I understand the impulse for this type of behavior (as the reward has increased, at least in name), but the profitability of a coin also changes based on how many people are mining it, so even though the total block reward for DOGE is 4x bigger this week you might end up with a smaller share than normal.

If more people were mining MATIC, it wouldn't be as profitable. So keep all this between us, ok?



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