RollerCoin Season 4 "Time Travel!" takes us back to Season 3

With very little fanfare or notification, RollerCoin has released the Season 4 event, called "Time Travel!" The site went down for maintenance yesterday (without notice), and came back today at UTC 0:00 on April 1st. They released a blog post about it a dozen hours later, but it doesn't mention some of the things I've included in this article, so I'm sure we'll hear more and keep noticing things as we go along.

Here's a menu of what's new (as far as I know):

Click each item to be taken to the section of this article that discusses it.

Solana Mining

SOL has been added for mining, but not deposits (so far). The block reward is currently 0.05 SOL every ten minutes, which is about $6.09 USD. Only ~1600 users are currently mining SOL (~6% of the network power). See the  power balance analysis below for more info.

EDIT: "active users" has jumped to 3600 in the past 6 hours


NFT Collection

This section has mysteriously appeared in the Profile page:


Once you connect a wallet, it looks like it will display NFTs you can use, but because I don't have any ETH NFTs in my MetaMask it tells me so, and offers me the chance to purchase one on OpenSea that looks like it would be an NFT version of the profile person we've already got (or whatever version of that 8-bit character you want).


Some eagle-eyed Discorders have noticed this miner in the Collection that is apparently tied to an NFT purchase:


I have to wonder whether other NFTs could be used as profile images?

Will the miners become NFTs? Will we have to pay to convert them in order to sell them on the marketplace? Will those picture frames be filled with "art" to hang in your mining room that provide mining boosters? Will they eventually support other wallets?

I guess we'll find out when RollerCoin writes a blog/telegram/twitter/discord/facebook post about it!

Games Updates

In addition to the rebalance of how many points you can earn by playing each game, all of the games are palpably different, though not detectably so. I'm not sure whether it's caused by a re-partitioning of more computing power to the processing of gameplay, or additional servers for the task, or perhaps they've updated the Unity build version. But somehow the games all feel a bit cripser. At first I thought it was just me, but there's plenty of chatter about it on the RC Discord server. Nobody knows what it is, but everybody can feel it. They load faster & play better, especially on mobile devices.

They've also made some games harder, some games easier, and upped the points earned from Lambo Rider and Token Blaster while nerfing basically all the others (except Cryptonoid and Crypto Hamster).

Details about the game adjustments are listed on the latest RollerCoin blog post, which also focuses on....

Season 4: Time Travel!

The latest Event Season has started, and it looks very familiar indeed, though surreptitiously more difficult. Where Season 3 had 30 levels of rewards to achieve, Season 4 has 45 levels. Each level still takes 100XP to clear, but the daily list of XP-earning "event quests" has been tweaked:

  • 12xp: win 80 games (S3: 10xp for 100)
  • 7xp: win 40 games (S3: 5xp for 50)
  • 3xp: win 15 times revolving game #1 (S3: 2xp)
  • 3xp: win 15 times revolving game #2 (S3: 2xp)
  • 2xp: click social link #1 (S3: same)
  • 2xp: click social link #2 (S3: same)
  • 11xp: invite a friend (S3: 5xp)
  • 13xp: spend 10RLT (S3: 8xp for 5RLT)
  • 5xp: open a lootbox (S3: same)

If you can do all these things every day, that's 58xp per day. If you can do it for all 60 days, that's a total of 3480. Over a thousand XP shy of the 4500 total needed to complete level 45.

If you're like me, and won't be inviting scores of friends or fake accounts, this is likely to be more like 29xp per day, which means up to 1740xp total, or maybe 1750 if I can get my hands on a loot box or two.

The difference can be made up with the daily login reward, which increases each day of a weekly-rolling basis and is structured similarly to Season 3:

  • Day 1: 2xp (S3: 2xp)
  • Day 2: 5xp (S3: 3xp)
  • Day 3: 8xp (S3: 5xp)
  • Day 4: 15xp (S3: 10xp)
  • Day 5: 25xp (S3: 15xp)
  • Day 6: 35xp (S3: 20xp)
  • Day 7: 45xp (S3: 25xp)

Much higher than before. Log in every day of the 60 and get 1,110xp total. Without spending, inviting, or opening a Lootbox, it is possible to get 2860 points, which will nab you the Golden Time Trophy at Level 28. You even have 60 points of play where you can fail to complete objectives and still get that sweet sweet non-power-contributing decoration.

EDIT: Daily Claims



Level rewards now include crafting components and craftable miners alongside the event themed miners and temporary boosts.

FREE rewards include:

  • An adorable dinosaur miner called Minerzaurus at level 3
  • 100TH/s bonus for 3 days at level 6
  • 60x Common Hashboards at level 8
  • RollerMiner S5+ at level 13
  • 200TH/s bonus for 7 days at level 16
  • 600x Common Fans at level 18
  • RollerMiner S5+ at level 23
  • 250TH/s bonus for 21 days at level 26
  • the event trophy (a golden hourglass) at level 28
  • 400x Common Wires at level 33
  • Shrumee miners at levels 38 and 41
  • and a "Survivor" event-themed miner at level 43


Their blog post mentions this as a "new friend," so I have to wonder whether there will be an out-of-miner experience for this little dino, or if that's just a way to make us feel better about the ONE GIGAHASH POWER that he brings to your table.

April's Foolish Sales

The Sales & Popular section of the shop was full of April Fools jokes, but unfortunately the RollerCoin community has absolutely no sense of humor and many people were offended.

Lol 80085.


Still No Marketplace

Though we were promised long long ago in a world before the Russia-Ukraine conflict that Season 4 would bring the Marketplace, RollerCoin has since indicated that members of the team who were working on the marketplace were located in Ukraine, and thus unable to complete it in time to release with this season.

More details in the RC blog post about this.

The Silfra Power Analysis

With the addition of Solana (SOL) the mining balance looks different from what I reported a few days ago, but MATIC is back up near the top. The balance is fluctuating WILDLY as the season starts, so we'll see what happens. Yesterday as I was writing this article it looked like this:


And now it looks like this:


Note that MATIC is back to being profitable. :D

That's where my power is going, for sure.


The data in this article has been inaccurately represented due to a human reference error.

The actual rate for MATIC at this time was 0.000739, which means mining MATIC at this time was the right choice. 

Please see the Correction Notice for more details.

As always, visit the original analysis article for details on how I'm calculating these numbers.

If you'd like to keep track yourself, or plug in your actual hashrate to see what you personally would benefit from mining each coin, the following link will make a copy (in your Google Drive) of the Google Sheets spreadsheet I use:

The second tab includes a Season 4 Rewards Schedule so you can track & project your progress through this event.

If you’re not already getting paid in crypto for your casual gaming habits, you can grab a quick thousand sats by using my link to join RollerCoin. Adopt your own little Mr. Goxx (R.I.P.) and get that wheel rolling! 

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