Double BTC week, MATIC still the winner


The data in this article has been inaccurately represented due to a human reference error.

The actual rate for MATIC at this time was 0.000541, and I should have been mining RLT. 

Please see the Correction Notice for more details.

Week after week Polygon/MATIC makes the most sense to mine in RollerCoin. Sometimes by only a bit, as was the case with last week’s double-rollercoin week, but sometimes by a wide margin. That’s more like the situation this week, with the second most profitable coin to mine resulting in less than 70% of the value of MATIC.

This article will be short and sweet, because I have nothing to say about this situation that I haven’t already said here and here.

Here are the numbers:


Here is the breakdown of my methodology.

Happy Hamstering! 🐹

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Getting What Has Been Paid For

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