Noise:Cash – A Preliminary Review

By rah | rah | 18 Feb 2021

Yesterday I described my early experiences with Noise:Cash in an article called Another Crypto D’oh Moment and one commentator suggested I missed a trick.

I could have called it Another Cryp-doh Moment!


However, another commentator mentioned that a fuller review may have been more helpful – and indeed I find comments like this very helpful.

I have discussed before issues with downvoting and have even done so occasionally myself – I remember one in particular when somebody just shared two links and called it a post. A better approach if you feel you’d like something more or a little different why not comment and let me know.  Several months ago I changed an article title after some feedback because the original title proved to be unintentionally misleading. Just let me know and I’ll at least listen and almost certainly adjust.

Anyway digression over...

I had heard of Noise:Cash and so on Monday I decided to sign up and to be honest my initial impressions weren’t so positive. The navigation seemed a bit weird and to find a theme you have to search in chambers, each of which seemed to only have a limited number of followers. Furthermore the word Subscriptions almost seems to suggest having to pay so initially I wasn’t sure what it meant but basically it turns out to be the members or chambers you are following.

Overall the interface is a bit clunky, for example I had some difficulties finding users who I know, but am getting better at it and the notifications (little red bell if you have something new - usually tips or free tips to distribute and occasional comments) is slightly unconventional to use. Furthermore if you subscribe to a user you have an option to turn on a similar bell which I assume means their posts will be added to your ‘news feed’ but I am still a bit unsure on that to be honest – please comment below if you know.

Noise:Cash loads members with Free Tips that arrive on a user’s account in batches $0.01. These free tips can be then utilised to tip other users or their posts with a fixed 80% to the other user and 20% for yourself (see image). Depending on how much currency you are holding you can vary the tip amount. Again initially I thought this was a bit of a Merry-Go-Round that couldn’t be cashed out and at some point it would be necessary to pump the engine by introducing some of my own crypto. While it appears that you can load Noise:Cash with your own Crypto I haven’t really looked into that and won’t be doing so. For me it makes as much sense as loading Cointiply with coins. Simply, why would you do that? There is no waiting time between tips so long as you have funds available to tip with.


Incidentally I am also a fan of Cointiply and why not consider joining up - it's free after all, but read my reviews too.

Noise:Cash deals in BitCoin Cash and from the moment I added my wallet address every tip, when received started dripping into my wallet. Dripping taps are usually annoying, but not this one. In some ways it’s a bit like watching the Coinbase staking counters roll and with it a constant increase in the amount of crypto being added.

Since I added the wallet I have been receiving Crypto regularly and I decided to drop it into my Celsius rather than Coinbase account. This was for two main reasons. First and foremost while Noise:Cash isn’t totally passive (in the same sense that Publish0x isn’t) it is free crypto that pays out faster than a faucet and as soon as it lands in Celsius it starts staking without any fuss. The second reason is that Coinbase change the wallet address quite frequently (probably connected with security measures) whereas Celsius don’t.

So not only am I taking it, but it's working for me already and will only increase. It requires extremely little effort and I have noticed that most tend to post more like it is a Twitter feed, rather than the in depth high quality articles we see here on Publish0x.

It definitely does not compare favourably with Publish0x if you are blogging (Publish0x is by far the best), but it is better than using a faucet, and probably rewards comparably to Publish0x members who read only. As with most if not all similar sites there are limitations and I am already wishing I could tip more - but let's be honest as generous as Publish0x is we'd all love to give more tips. However what each of these free (never forget that) providers do has to be consistent with a sustainable business model so just appreciate them. Publish0x tipping is limited to a number of daily tips and Noise:Cash's to a dollar value. Incidentally they warn that if you don't tip the amount of free tip capital you receive can dry up. They don't give to stockpile (and you can't cash it out anyway), they give so you can give.

Additionally there don’t appear to be any referral incentives so don’t expect to be rewarded for inviting others.

Finally in terms of quantification on Tuesday and Wednesday alone I received 0.00059163 BCH which doesn’t sound like a lot, but it is being added to regularly and is already staking at 4.51% APY. Other than continuing to tip and post I am pretty much going to ignore my BitCoin Cash that is arriving in Celsius and see where it is in 10 years’ time. I am in it for the long term and not looking to make a lot of money quickly from it. I know for a fact that one user has achieved almost a quarter of a BCH since he started using Noise:Cash and another who has made $50 since January.

So overall it is low maintenance – nowhere near as time intensive as a faucet – and it rewards immediately from the moment you add your address.

So why not follow my lead. Join up, start tipping, add an address and start enjoying the privileges, because while it is a bit clunky it is well worthwhile and like me consider playing the long game.

And look me up on Noise:Cash at

Have a great day and stay safe.

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