A review of Cointiply and Cointiply Premium.

By rah | rah | 11 Nov 2020

Cointiply is one of the best regarded faucets around nowadays.

Their business concept is fairly straightforward. Advertisers and content providers pay a fee to Cointiply to promote their services / products. Cointiply reward members in Coins (not a very inventive name, but it does the job). 10,000 Coins are fixed at $1.00.

The standard low maintenance ways a member can be rewarded is:

  • Rolling the faucet wheel twice a day – a minimum of 12 hours apart. While it is possible to get more, generally a roll will reward 10 or 14 Coins with the occasional bonus of 17 Coins for rolling a prime number. Larger rewards are theoretically possible, but so is winning the lottery. Loyalty bonuses up to the amount rolled on the faucet are awarded based on activity. 100 days of consecutive activity leads to a 100% bonus that remains there unless a day is missed.
  • Watching video adverts, which are repeatable. 12 can be watched a day with each one rewarding 12 Coins.
  • Watching PTC adverts that reward between 5 and 20 Coins per advert (they actually say 5 to 50 but I have never seen one above 20).
  • Once 35,000 Coins have been reached annual rewards of 5% are awarded so long as the number of Coins held remain above that number.

Additional earning methods

  • Chat to earn. A chatroom window opens and after chatting for some time rewards are given as a percentage share.
  • Completion of surveys for marketing companies. These are often quite long and take some time, but rewards can be high.
  • Downloading, installing and opening apps. In some cases there may be additional requirements such as making a purchase or in the case of games reaching a certain level. Rewards can be very high but before doing this consider whether such a purchase is worth the Coins reward it yields.
  • Referral bonuses and occasional other bonuses. Recently a Halloween promotion added 1% to the coins earned in any given day.
  • You can risk your Coins by gambling them in house, but again do this and you lose. The Coins are stacked and the house always wins.

It is slow, especially initially, but as you gather Coins it gains momentum. Personally I do the rolls and watch the videos and click on the PTC adverts. Occassionally if I a bored I chat to earn. It is definitely something to do during downtime and without doing the time consuming surveys I am yielding anywhere between 700 and 1000 Coins a day. I know it doesn’t sound like a lot but it all adds up and when the 5% interest kicks in growth increases.

Coins can be taken as BitCoin or DogeCoin, but it might just be worth hodling on Cointiply as the value is fixed. Wait for a dip and then buy BitCoin while maintaining at least that magical 35,000 Coins in your Cointiply account.

And what about Premium?

In two words:

Don’t Bother

To join premium it costs 17,000 Coins a month or 170,000 Coins a year, but the benefits frankly are not worth it. As a premium member you get:

  • Up to three days grace on missing activity without losing your loyalty bonus (remember that equates to the faucet roll which is only significant if you hit the jackpot)
  • Early access to special features, which are non-specifically defined
  • Random daily rewards, which according to the reviewer only amount to 39 Coins or if you are looking 59 Coins. The outlay isn’t worth it.
  • Premium support which is again undefined and I am not sure what kind of support will be required.


Cointiply is definitely worth the time and effort and the yields are worth it. Complete the activities during downtime (I usually watch the videos while I am watching TV) as ultimately it is free crypto which, so long as you exchange during a dip in prices, is worth much more than the face value of the Coins themselves.

Some might argue that it is a Ponzi scheme, but I would dispute this, because while you can purchase their Coins it isn’t necessary. You can earn without putting any money in. In some ways daily yields can be compared to those achievable on Publish0x for non-bloggers. So if you are just tipping on Publish0x at the moment by joining Cointiply you can effectively double your free crypto daily yield. You must remember that Cointiply Coins are not crypto and their real value comes when you harvest them in BitCoin (personally I wouldn’t recommend the less universally known DogeCoin).

However, their Premium service is flawed because the cost vs. gain ratio simply isn’t worth it. I might be willing to pay even 2,000 a month, but not 17,000. It is assumed that the offer is made on the basis of control and Cointiply wanting to continue to hold as many of their own Coins as much as and for as long as possible to minimise payouts.

So to summarise why not sign up, but avoid their Premium Service like the plague.

There have been some reported issues concerning downloading the Cointiply App from Google Play so I recommend creating your account on PC - just follow the link below and select register. Once done download the app once your account has been set up. When I joined a few months ago I earned extra Coins for downloading the App once I had created my account. If necessary Cointiply is fully accessible through a web browser on your PC and Chat to Earn actually works better on the PC than on a smart device

Join Cointiply

All the best, stay safe and stay well.



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