5 Fat Burning Nutritional Hacks You Can Start Doing Now!

5 Fat Burning Nutritional Hacks You Can Start Doing Now!

By Tako7 | Published by Coach T | 24 Apr 2020

There are tons of people who would like to shed a few pounds. But there do you start? 

If you haven't been on a journey for a while now you're going to have to work on developing some new habits to see the changes you want to see. It's going to take time and dedication to a process that works for you. This list is no substitute for that, but it will give you some healthy habits that you can begin building on. 

If you've been on your weight loss journey for a while, you have the basic parts of your fat loss process figured out, and you're looking to add little small habits to enhance your experience then this for you!!

There is a ton of crazy methods out there. Some work, some don't. Some are overcomplicated. But these are some of the easiest, quickest to execute, and most inexpensive hacks that I've seen work well for either one weight loss clients or that I've experienced for myself.

Let’s get it! 

The List


1) Drink a Glass of Water Before Each Meal


This simple hack can help you out tremendously on your weight loss journey. Having a glass 30 mins before your meals can help you with your weight loss.

And you know the best way to apply this hack? 

Always be drinking water! 

Just grab a water bottle that you can carry around specifically for water, and drink throughout the day.

This is going to help you feel more alert and give you more energy throughout the day. You'll be able to get through work and do your physical activity, and feel good doing it. It also may help you consume less when eating meal, and may help with your digestion as well. 

Very simple but effective!


2) Don't Drink Your Calories


This one is pretty simple. You just don't want to drink anything with calories. I'm basically telling you to drink more water. Again!!!

The whole idea with this is to decrease the number of calories you consume by cutting out sugary drinks. People don't realize how many calories they can cut out by doing this. 

The thing about the sugary drinks is that they give you all these calories, but they don't fill you up as food does. So you can just drink, drink, and drink more calories all day and still have an appetite to eat your regular meals throughout the day. Over time this habit contributes to excess weight. 

How much weight can you lose by simply cutting out sugar for a month? Challenge anyone?


3) Fasting


This is pretty popular and one of my favorite methods of enhancing people's fat loss experience. Fasting is just basically eating within a time window or having a set amount of time where you're not consuming meals. 

There are all different types of fast from the 16/8 intermittent fasting method, to the OMAD or One Meal a Day method, and even fasts lasting longer than 24 hours.

Some allow you to drink liquids during your fasting period, some allow you to consume fats. It's just important that you find a fasting method that's safe for you and stick to your guidelines. 

People have been fast for a long time, for many different reasons. Nowadays they even have apps to help you out, like the zero mentioned in the article "How to Turn Your Phone into a Nutritional Accountability Bot in 3 Easy Steps"


4) Apple Cider Vinegar 


Sounds crazy but there's something about apple cider vinegar that works great for fat loss. You may have seen people making claims and using apple cider vinegar for all types of stuff and you can add me to the list. 

It's going to help your body manage the food that you consume more efficiently. The acid in the apple cider vinegar helps to detoxify your body and burn belly fat. And what I think is the most fun part of using apple cider vinegar is the energy boost that it gives me throughout the day.

This is the only "supplement" (for lack of better terms) to make the list. It's better to take certain supplements at certain times and dosages. An easy start with apple cider vinegar would be 1Tsp before breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Although this is recommended I've also had success doing a cap full before bed and after waking.

It's just a matter of picking a starting point and seeing what works for you.

WARNING: Taste may be an issue with this one! Purchase a smaller bottle first. You can always by a larger bottle after you run out.


5) Get Proper Sleep 


This one is a sleeper... 

get it lol

But in all seriousness, your sleep, and sleep quality play a role in how you eat as well. A lack of sleep makes you more likely to overeat throughout the day, and on top of that it also makes you more likely to have cravings for junk food. It's just how our bodies were made. On top of this being awake longer periods of time gives you more time to eat and consume calories. 

So try to get your recommended 6-8 hours of sleep. It's going to go a long way and save you a lot of heartache in the end.

You're going to be more alert and energized. You won't have to slam back that extra sugary coffee before you go into work. And it will make it easier to stick to healthy habits throughout the day.


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Published by Coach T
Published by Coach T

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