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The best time to publish in Publish0x

By nicklaus | Publish0x | 5 May 2020

This is going to be a short publication, and I'm sure you've asked yourself many times, what's the best time to publish? Will I have more visits some other time, and consequently, will I earn more?

The answer to these questions is yes and no. Why not? Besides the schedule, there are other factors that influence even more than the schedule we publish

And those factors naturally depend on us


A good cover image

This factor is extremely important, since we will have about 7 seconds to make the reader want to enter our publication

I'll give you an example, suppose you like chocolate cakes, and you have two cakes to choose from, and one of them looks much better, which one would you choose? I'm sure you'd choose the one that looks the best, because here it's very similar, the next factor that follows is

A good title

Like the cover image, this factor may be the most important of all, to make our publication chosen for reading

It won't do you any good to have a very good image if you don't put something in the title that encourages you to come in and read our publication

We can say that these two factors are extremely important, but when do I publish?

In fact, he considers that the schedule is the most important of all factors, since it will not help you to make a great publication, with a great title, and with a spectacular image, if then there is no one to read it, in that case your publication will be forgotten

So, when is it best to publish?

This also depends a lot on the area you are in, mostly because of the time difference from one place to another, In my case, it is usually from 10:30 am Spanish time, is when I noticed that there are many more users connected to the platform

To find out what your best schedule is, do one thing, create two publications, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, and make your own conclusion, since my main publishing schedule may not be as good for you

Foto animada | Gracioso gif, Buenos días, Imagenes animadas

A clear example can be seen in the following image of two of my publications, and you will notice a substantial difference


I hope this advice will help you reach more users


If you want to know a little more about me I leave you my other publications  

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I also invite you to download the browser that pays you to use it

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Thank you very much for coming in and reading this post.

Comments of any kind are welcome and thanks for reading!

You can follow me on  PUBLISH0X

See you in future publications

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