Message to my Followers

Message to my Followers

By nicklaus | Publish0x | 19 Apr 2020

Hello friends, today I'm very happy, last night I saw it reach 100 followers, and I liked it very much, but this morning at 10:00 am Spanish time

When I got up, turned on the pc, and entered the platform, I found something great. I leave you the image


I found that my last publication, was among the most popular publications that is this

My Publish0x vs Steemit experience

Today I had planned to make a short publication, thanking those fans who follow me in Publish0x, I've been on the platform a little more than a month and I can say that I'm super comfortable

Now I saw, that I have already exceeded 100 followers on the platform, so I can't be happier this morning, when I started on Publish0x, I didn't know well what to expect

But the journey so far has been very satisfying, as it's the first platform where I've actually managed to make some real gains

It's the first place where I really feel comfortable, the first thing I do when I get up is go in and tip other users that I think deserve it

I've met a lot of people, and made friends here on the platform, one of them is Smoljanovic

In most of my publications, I always see some message and comment from him, he is a great person and I will always be helping him and other users of the platform in one way or another

Messages to my followers

  • Thank you for being there.
  • Thank you for helping me grow up on this amazing platform
  • Thank you for helping me be a better person
  • Thank you for reading my publications
  • Thank you for the comments that help me to publish better every day
  • In short, thanks a billion for being there from the beginning

And for those who do not yet follow me

  • Thank you for entering my publications
  • Thank you for your support
  • Thank you for making me happy
  • Anyway, thanks for being there.

As you see, not only do I have words for the users who follow me, but also for those who have not yet done so, but I know that there are

This is where you can say that Publish0x is the social network of the FUTURE

Thank you very much for coming in and reading this post.

Comments of any kind are welcome and thanks for reading!

You can follow me on  PUBLISH0X

See you in future publications

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