My Publish0x vs Steemit experience

My Publish0x vs Steemit experience

By nicklaus | Publish0x | 18 Apr 2020

This is going to be a short publication, and I'm going to talk about my experience so far with Publish0x vs. Steemit


I have worked at Steemit for at least two years, and have published everything from contests to breaking news and Crypto Coin publications

I met by chance with Steemit, with those guys internet ads that tell you, win fantastic earnings just for writing, that excited me a lot, so I wanted to try

When I started, I didn't understand very well how this world worked, and I worked very hard for two years writing publications, and from that time I got one good thing and one bad thing

The good stuff

While publishing I sometimes got votes, comments on my publications etc, and that helped me to believe that all this can come true, make money and the first good thing is, that I met a lot of people and made a lot of friends

what was wrong

When you start on Steemit, you're like a fish, and you have to go up and gain popularity and level up, but to become a whale on this platform, you have to have an amount of voting power, and that's only achieved if you make a profit on your publications

The whales are the real boss at Steemit, and I received very little or no benefits in publications, I got a few cents on the dollar, but half of those benefits went to add to my voting power

So I think, in all that time for me it was a waste of time without thinking only about profit, because in two years I could not get or withdraw anything

And it's really sad, but there's only one positive part, not only making friends, but also learning how these kinds of platforms work, and getting to know the and how they work


First difference, by voting in a publication the reader also benefits

That's the big and first difference between Publish0x vs Steemit and that I really liked much more, is that all users of this great platform are equal, there is no voting power meter, no user has a higher vote than another user

I've been in Publish0x for a little over a month, and I've already been able to withdraw some money

So this point is crucial for any user to want to stay on the platform and keep working

I also see that the people in charge of the platform, work very hard to take Publish0x to the moon, and try to make this the best social network to publish

My earnings so far

We've already seen a new currency


As you can see, in just over a month, I've made more profit than in two years at Steemit, so I'm going to stay at Publish0x for a long time and keep learning

In addition, when publishing and the program they have included in Publixh0x, is a thousand times simpler than Steemit, without having to put a series of codes between the paragraphs, to make your publication more visual

Advantages of Publish0x

  • Easier to use
  • Same voting power as any user, (WE ARE ALL EQUAL)
  • In short, a better alternative to get some extra money, if you have some free time and you like to write, this is the right place


Thank you very much for coming in and reading this post.

Comments of any kind are welcome and thanks for reading!

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See you in future publications

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