Let's check out the Brave Browser store

By nicklaus | Publish0x | 29 Apr 2020

That's right, friends, the Brave Browser shop is already among us. I was able to meet it last night thanks to a paid advertisement in the browser itself

The site has been built by Origin Protocol, whose only mission is to achieve a peer-to-peer marketplace that is totally decentralized, is open source and can be found at GitHub

The moment we walked in, we found this.


We have a series of tabs on the left side, for its different sections, where we can access them just with a click

And right in the middle, we have the sales products of each section with their respective prices

Would you like to have coffee with Brave Browser?

I'm sure that one of your star products is this cup, to take the coffee either in the morning, in the afternoon, alone or with friends, in the same way I like this cup



More things to discover?

We know that not only is it a store for some product than another from Brave Browser, today we are proud to announce the Origin e-commerce store, a decentralized open source alternative to Shopify, hosted entirely on IPFS with an ENS domain.


Why choose us?

  • There is no difference in online stores, they can search for products, add selections to shopping carts, finish the purchase and finally pay with ETH, ERC-20 tokens or a credit card.

Why is this better than Shopify?

  • The Origin e-commerce store is free, and transaction fees are limited to the costs of the cryptographic gas (usually a few cents per transaction).

Can I sell my own products?

  • According to them, this is possible and it is totally free. With Origin Store, there are no restrictions on what you can sell, now or ever.
  • This also means that third parties can write tools and applications on this data while being assured that the underlying API will not change or suddenly become unavailable.

Can I try it now?

It is still in the early stages of development, but is now fully functional and can support your e-commerce store with a quick and easy setup process.

If you would like to be notified as the product continues to develop, please register below. If you already have an e-commerce store and are interested in migrating, or just want to talk about the technology, send me a tweet or email.

Origin Shop

Well, as you can see and discover, this is another one of the many opportunities to obtain extra money, and also totally free, with only spending a few cents of ETH in gas per sale transaction, so I consider it a very good idea that Brave Browser, has already acquired its own store, and I am sure that this can give even more value to the company, and consequently also to its currency

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