Why haven't I written again in Publishox?

By nicklaus | Publish0x | 31 Aug 2020

This will be a short publication, to explain why I have not written again until this moment on the platform

What's Wrong With PublishOx?

It's been quite a few days since my last publication here on the platform, and I want to indicate that it's not that I don't like the platform anymore, or anything like that

Also, I keep getting on the platform, reading very good articles, and of course tipping daily. I haven't caught the famous COVID-19 virus, nor have I had any accidents or anything like that, so


Why haven't I written again?

Since I started writing on the platform, I have felt super comfortable, not only with the platform's interface, but also with the people, comments and friends I have made over time, since the day I became a writer for Publishxo

The reason is very simple, I got a job in a company called pccomponentes, a company selling computers, washing machines and all kinds of items you can think of, this company has them, having an annual turnover of over 3 million euros

PcComponentes facturó 312 millones en 2017, un 16% más - elEconomista.es


My job is to take calls, and messages from customers, and I can tell you that we pick up an average of about 5000 calls per day, and that can miss anyone

and of course, when you finish the day, you end up bursting, but knowing that you have done a good job, my contract is for 4 months, and I hope they can renew me, as the situation in Spain, is beginning to complicate

But I do keep coming in, and tipping many articles of very good quality, since it is a benefit not only for the reader, but also for the author, we all have to help each other

I will continue to publish on the platform?

My intention is a resounding yes, and of course I will continue to tip items as they come in

I hope you can forgive me, for the time I have not been very active in terms of writing an article on the platform, try to take some more time to write, and that everything can take its course

So soon, I will write my review, about my opinion about the new platform token, the output of the Dai token etc


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How to detect if the content is a plagiarismYou can follow me on  PUBLISH0X


You can follow me on  PUBLISH0X

See you in future publications

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