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10,000 euro tip for delivering a pizza

By nicklaus | Publish0x | 1 Oct 2020

That's right, friends, today I bring a somewhat emotional story, and that is that in this incredible story, our protagonist is no less than 89 years old

Our beloved protagonist, whose name is Newey, is a delivery man for one of the most famous restaurants, Papa John's, no less. Imagine ordering a pizza from your favorite restaurant and meeting an 89-year-old delivery boy

That's what happened to some neighbors of the place, and they put themselves in this person's place, having to be working at their age because they couldn't make ends meet to pay their bills

I put myself in this man's place, and the truth has all my respects, and I hope that after this his way of life may change for the better, and indeed, I am sure of it

This neighbor said that they always asked for the veteran delivery man when they made a home delivery. They recorded their deliveries and uploaded them to Tik Tok

Y te espían! Así ha respondido Tik Tok al decir que espía los iPhone


The fact is, the more pizzas they ordered, and the more recordings they uploaded to this platform, the more visitors they had, and that's exactly what encouraged more users to do the same

That is, more neighbors recorded this person delivering the pizzas they ordered, and it's not that they made fun of the poor man, on the contrary, it's just the fact that life can change in such a way, that you have to do whatever it takes to pay your bills

and they all had an idea, why not among all these users, to raise money so that this person does not have to be working at his age

That was so great, that this delivery man went viral in a very short time, and they managed to raise a figure big enough to get this man excited. The money didn't wait. In a short time they collected the amount and collected it in a check signed by "TikTok's family".

And as in this case, a video is worth a thousand words, here is the video of how he received the money


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