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Tezsure released a building toolbox for Tezos: Tezster

By Allen Walters | Publish0x posts | 22 Apr 2020

Truffle Suite
Last week Truffle Suite, the tool for blockchain developers announced their first support for the Tezos platform and released their first tooling kit. These type of services make it easier to build applications on the Tezos blockchain. Truffle Suite thus far had only offered tooling kits for Ethereum. It was a very positive sign to see them shifting some of their focus towards Tezos.

Yesterday, another toolbox for Tezos application development was released. This time from Tezsure. Tezsure is building an insurance application on Tezos. They are also in the process of building a decentralized oracle network on Tezos: OrO. OrO will be needed for their insurance platform. The absence of an oracle network on Tezos, and the reluctance to depend on Ethereum-based oracle network Chainlink, persuaded Tezsure to build one on Tezos. They released their pre-alpha source code for OrO nodes last week.

Is an effort to make building on Tezos more efficient and simple. Why would developers that want to build on Tezos need to reinvent the wheel? Toolboxes like Truffle Suite and Tezster provide code bundles that are simple to personalize and speed up the process of materializing ideas and concepts to run on Tezos.

"The Tezster-CLI comes in an npm package with a set of easy commands to kick-start the development or interaction with Tezos blockchain. It allows you to interact with local nodes as well as remote testnet nodes and deploy or call smart contracts. To get a complete understanding of the different components check out the documentation." 

Yesterday, Tezsure has released their first Tezster Bundle: the React Bundle. 
"A Tezster Bundle is an example Tezos application that pulls together complementary tools from the Tezos ecosystem and raps it in one easy-to-use bundle. We made this bundle for new developers entering the Tezos ecosystem, so that time can be saved from searching for all the individual tools and find a way to make them sing together. This gives new developers all the time and focus to build awesome Tezos applications."

After their first bundle, Tezster will release more bundles. The next one is called "Bundle-Angular".


For the full introduction on Tezos, read this article. 

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Allen Walters

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