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Tokensoft partnering with Tezos has over $3 billion in future value to issue in STO's.

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Tezos Tokyo is currently in the process of selecting a location for their meetup on the 21st of this month. This meeting is particularly interesting because of the fact that the Mason Borda, the CEO and Co-Founder of the STO platform Tokensoft, will...

OKEx and Coinbase staking their Tezos as of today. Kraken announced to make Tezos staking possible soon.

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One after the other, big exchanges make it possible for their users to stake their Tezos (XTZ) on their platform. Yesterday Coinbase announced 5% yearly returns for their users who choose to stake their XTZ. Today OKEx announced they will offer the u...

After Coinbase made it possible to stake Tezos on their exchange, OKEx will do the same today.

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Yesterday OKEx was open for Tezos (XTZ) deposits. Today trading will be possible (USDT and BTC pairs). Also yesterday: Coinbase made it possible for their users to delegate (Stake) their XTZ while keeping them on Coinbase instead of a Tezos wallet. T...

Coinbase just started baking their XTZ and you can now delegate your XTZ while keeping them on Coinbase.

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Tezos uses LiquidPoS, which gives Tezos token holders (XTZ) the possibility to bake or delegate their XTZ. (Staking) This gives you a return of around 5.5% on a yearly bases. You can start up a node if you own 8k + XTZ, and XTZ holders with less fund...

OKEx lists Tezos the 6th of November. OKEx will also launch USDT futures trading this month.

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The originally Hong-Kong based cryptocurrency exchange OKEx, which announced its expansion to Malta in 2018, is one of the biggest exchanges worldwide. With a huge userbase in Asia, OKEx was the worlds largest exchange in may 2018.   “The depositing...

Craig Wright and the continuing Faketoshi saga.

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Craig Wright tries to prove he is Satoshi. But by making that claim, the Kleiman estate has claimed they have right on half of Satoshi's BTC. That's half of about 1.1 million BTC. Ooops, the choice Craig Wright had was:  - Admit he is not Satoshi and...

What happens when scammers take it too far? A crispy burn of a known scammer.

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Scammers are a real nuisance in the cryptospace. So when one get's burned to a crisp, there is no shame in feeling some level of satisfaction while following the soap on twitter. Grab some popcorn beacuse @aantonop just joined the party. RIP this guy...

Dune Network will launch DuneDEX in Q2 2020

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Dune Network will launch it’s own DEX. The fully-decentralized exchange will be based on AtomicDEX and will be powered both Dune Network and Komodo Platform technologies.  You can sign up for the Private Beta testing here: www.dunedex.com. Dune Dex w...

A strategic card game on blockchain: it makes more sense than you’d initially think.

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Coase, a gaming company by Kathleen Breitman, Zvi Mowshowitz, Brian David-Marshall, and Alan Comer, will build a digital collectible card game on the Tezos blockchain. The name of the game is still to be decided, but more details are emerging on the...

StakerDAO will build it’s tokens (STKR) on the newly developed GOV.1 token standard on Tezos.

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Inspired by the governance model of Tezos, StakerDAO is a newly launched platform for governing financial assets. It will manage DeFi application (Decentralized Finance) with the possibility for STKR holders, to vote through decentralized, on-chain g...