Publish0x May Update

By igort | Publish0x Official Blog | 3 Jun 2019

Hi community, I'll make this update on what we've done in May short and to the point. Here goes.


1. DAI StableCoin Integrated as the Main Tipping Token.

For the month of June, we've implemented DAI StableCoin as the main tipping token! HYDRO will still be given out, as a "small" tip. Each time you tip, you will recieve both tokens. 90% of the tip is in DAI, and 10% in HYDRO atm.

Read more about how Publish0x is Powered by DAI in June.





2. CoinGecko Widget Added.

We've added a widget in the writers interface that lets authors quickly integrate token stats from CoinGecko into your posts - see our annoucement about it here. Take a look at how the widget looks like when it's used in a post. A good one to see that is this post discussing All you need to know about MakerDAO and DAI.




3. Categories Added.

We've added categories so it's easier to find the type of content you like! We're still experimenting with this and havent settled on the final solution for categories, but they are working. If you have any feedback regarding categories, let us know. :)

See all the current categories here.




4. The Beginning of Native Notifications.

We've also added the first 'draft' of the onsite / native notifications system. Right now it's barebones. Expect more improvements. :)




5. Pinging in Comments is Enabled.

Pinging other users from comments is enabled! It's an intuitive system similar to that found on many other platforms; for example on Twitter. Simply put an "@" before a username (without quotes).




6. You can now Save Post Drafts.

Authors can now save their posts as drafts before publishing them. This way, you can work on an article, and if you run out of time save it as a draft. Then take a pause for as long as you want, and pick up the work where you've left off. When the article is finished, you can hit the green "Publish" button.




7. Publish0x Growth - Going Strong!

Growth of the platform is going strong. :) Last month we've celebrated a milestone - 100,000 tips were given out in $HYDRO and $BNTY. We're celebrating two milestones achieved in May.


On top of that, our traffic is stronger than ever!



10,000 Users Registered!

Technically, the 10,000th user registered on 1st or 2nd of June. :)



Publish0x has grown and is now under 100,000 Alexa Rank!



We're actually at position #96,277 at the time of writing.




Hope that you've enjoyed this update. As always, we love to hear from our community. The best place to let us know what you think we should improve is to email us - [email protected] or to join our Telegram group -



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