DAI Token Integrated For Tipping on Publish0x

Today we are super excited to integrate our 3rd token for tipping - DAI . The eth based stable coin created by the Maker DAO project smart contract.

It's important to note that this is NOT a "sponsorship". We haven't taken any payment from MakerDAO or DAI, we are just adding it and we are paying the DAI ourselves (with up to $3000 in DAI tips allocated - here's our payout address, with the DAI just sent in there ready :)) 


We have added DAI because we think it is probably THE best example of token utility on the etherereum network...

DAI is created with the MakerDAO smart contact which as 1.3% of all ETH locked up into it, worth $450 million, to create 80+ million DAI coins. This smart contract has held up and not been broken or hacked while ETH has fallen through $400 price support, down under $100 and back up to $270. DAI has held it's $1 peg very well, and we think it's THE stable coin of choice as it is TRUSTLESS, and the MakerDAO project is THE leading example of working token utility on a massive scale. When people ask you "where's the usage though?!", point them to MakerDAO and the DAI stablecoin.


Stats taken from DaiStats.com

Over the next month we will also be deep diving into MakerDAO and DAI, showing you how it all works and have some really exciting content coming from big DAI community fans themselves. Here is a GREAT 101, Everything you need to know about DAI post - and watch this space, more coming next week - and remember - ALL tips are in DAI this month.

Here are more official links to learn about MakerDAO and DAI:

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